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Attention law students

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    Hi there,

    I dropped out from LSE's LLB last year due to a myriad of family problems as well as an undiagnosed disability which has affected my academics for the past few years (so much to the point of depression which I never realised I had since my final GCSE year.. i reached a complete breakdown during the first term of llb).

    I now intend to reapply for 2012 entry. But having done a few months of first year and realising my disability, can anyone perhaps help pm me the reading list for first and second year of the llb program? Because I dropped out, I no longer have access to moodle

    I also literally chucked everything I had away (I was that depressed.. even thought about not ever continuing university again or um living... due family and external pressures). I am very embarrassed to face my past lecturers/seminar leaders as my attendance spiralled downhill within the first two months of university, and I suppose they held a misconception that I was some sort of slacker.

    If any one could help me out I'd really be very grateful.

    Thanks very much guys

    I'm sure I'd be able to help out as moodle doesn't restrict what courses you can 'enrol' for, in terms of receiving updates on lecture notes and reading lists etc.... unless, of course, it's password-protected but I'm pretty sure that's just the language ones. PM me if there's anything specific you want.

    When you dropped out, did you not bother telling your academic adviser about your problems/see a counsellor? I would have thought that there'd be some sort of defer-for-one-year scheme going on. In any case, I think it's a good idea to write to the law tutor now explaining your problems in detail, as well as your adviser, and try to get back in LSE. I would expect them to be supportive if you have proof of your disability + problems, I know a friend of mine in law deferred her entry about half a term into first year because she had a mental breakdown. She's now back and doing alright I think.

    Regarding reading lists, TheMeister has offered to help you, so that's sorted for you.

    Hope it all works out
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    Hi Swayum.. thanks for your reply.

    I did tell the adviser but.. was reluctant to go into details as.. things were pretty bad and usually when you are in that state the last thing you want to do is bring attention to it. To my detriment, I suppose. I've thought about emailing and even came in to the law department a couple of times but then find myself walking out again every time before doing what I intended to. I guess it's not so much the proof as it is the shame.. I have proof now but.. yeah. I'm asian so.. it's doubly shameful for me.. I will have to face them at some point though.

    Thanks a lot once again
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Updated: October 19, 2011
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