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    I'm exercising about 4/5 times a week, 3 of those being quite intense "circuit training" sessions for rowing. It's mostly focused on legs and core (abs/lower back, etc)

    I'm taking protein shakes after each session (2 scoops, 2 eggs, 300ml water, 300ml milk) and I'm on a pretty strict diet (not necessarily a good one, it's just what I could come up with). I'm eating pretty much sandwiches only every few hours (4 in total), made of seeded wholewheat bread, tuna, eggs, margarine and sometimes lettuce. For breakfast I have milk with weetabix. I also have some fruit every now and then durign the day. I'm not very big so I don't need to eat a lot. I don't want to lose weight. But basically my main problem is body fat, I simply can't seem to lose bodyfat without losing weight/muscle, which I can't really do since I'm small enough as I am.

    So basically, any suggestions on how to lose body fat without losing muscle? Feel free to criticise the exercise/diet plans or give any suggestions, will be much appreciated.

    Hello, Im not an expert but Im in the same kind of boat as you
    I think the way to do it is make gains before you can even think about shedding fat.
    nutrition wise.. eating low gi foods during the day, then high gi and proteins after a workout.

    Oh and by the way WEIGHTS!!!
    Strength training helps crap loads.
    Cardio will just make you smaller. It does not tone.
    Weight training will add muscle, definition and strength and tone you right up.

    Have you heard of bulking and cutting?
    Its where you eat alot, and train hard with weights, to help make muscle gains. however this also causes a degree of fat gain. so after the bulking stage, you would switch to cutting. whereby you reduce your calories, and up the cardio work to shed fat, and also continue with some weight training (to let your body know that it still needs the muscles) because with weight loss comes a degree of muscle loss also. this is the method bodybuilders use. they repeat this processs gaining a little more muscle each time. idea being> big muscle gains during bulking, and minimal muscle loss during cutting.


    ^ I find this site extremely helpful.

    (Original post by username10)
    But basically my main problem is body fat, I simply can't seem to lose bodyfat without losing weight/muscle
    Weightlifting. You need to be doing it.
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