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    Hello, I´m a student who´s currently doing the IB programme , and now two months into the programme I´ve been performing quite well in the IB. Some topics in for example Chemistry have initially been hard to understand, but after some revision become a lot easier (I also think that the main reason to why´ve struggled a bit in chemistry is due to my really, and I mean REALLY crappy teacher!!! She most probably is the laziest and most incoherent person I´ve ever met).
    Nonetheless I still performed quite well on the chemistry tests and for the first I´m actually writing really good essays in Swedish (getting 6s/7s).
    Now to the problem - If you´ve seen my previous threads you know that I´ve taken seven subjects, with five of these being highers. My subjects are:

    Swedish Literature SL
    English B HL
    Economics HL
    Biology HL
    Maths HL
    Chemistry HL
    Physics SL (as a certificate)

    Know a couple of months into the IB programme, I have to make a decision on which one of my HL-subjects that I want to drop to SL, since the IBO only allows you to take 4 HLs.
    English, Biology and Chemistry HL can´t be changed since I want to apply to medicine in the UK (and because I like these subjects the most).
    Therefore I either have to drop Economics or Maths to SL. Economics is really easy, and probably the easiest subject for me at the moment, whereas math HL, as you might understand, is a bit harder.

    Now my question is whether I should drop Economics to SL, which probably will not be a significant change in terms of workload and difficulty, or drop Maths to SL which will mean that Maths will become much easier and less demanding?
    You´ll probably say that I´ve already answered my own question and thus should drop math HL, but bear in mind that I want to apply to medicine in the UK, and I think that despite the fact me wanting to do medicine, having done Maths HL will also be considered a great achievement even though there is no obvious co-relation between maths and medicine.
    I´m also performing quite well in math HL and got a strong 6 (6+) on my first test, so currently I´m not struggling with math HL but I might in the future when things start to get more complicated in math.

    So finally should I drop math HL to SL and make maths so much easier for me and probably in the end achieve a higher score in the IB or should I drop economics HL to SL and decrease the workload slightly, bearing in mind that I want to study medicine at a prestigious UK university and that medicine is a highly competitive programme and that I furthermore want to stand out as much as possible and offer something unique to the universities I´m applying to.

    /// Shwareb

    I know it will seem like more of an achievement to take Maths HL, but I really think that, come exam season, you will thank yourself for dropping to SL, especially as you're taking SEVEN subjects! I mean, how would you feel if the time and effort you spent getting Maths HL good made you slip a grade in another important subject? Maths SL is fine for medicine and I would strong advise going to SL - I think it would help your overall score and stress levels. You don't need Maths HL - they'll already be mightily impressed that you're taking seven subjects, you crazy genius! x

    I'd drop Economics to SL, since that is the least related to medicine. I don't know what unit you want to apply to, but Oxbridge prefers applicants with the larger number of science/maths subjects taken at HL.

    Drop Economics SL. It doesn't have much to do with medicine and I'm sure they'd rather have you Maths HL than Economics HL.

    (Original post by shwareb)
    How about instead of dropping a subject to SL, you change which subject you put on your certificate? You can then have Physics SL on your Diploma (thus complying with 4 HL max requirement) and an HL subject on Certificate. Since UK universities will see all your results, they will not care much if you've put the subject on the Diploma or Certificate.

    That's what I'd do in your place - in fact, that's what I did!!

    I'd drop Maths HL too. Maths SL is still "chunky"enough for medicine, I would say. A 7 in economics will help keep your overall score up. Sounds like you've got the "grunt" for Maths HL but why make life more difficult for yourself?

    Good Luck

    drop both Economics and Maths to SL.

    I don't get those people who think they're so intelligent and are making their lives so much more difficult by taking 4 HL and 3 SL subjects. IB is already challenging, give yourself some free time! even taking 6 subjects only can make you busy already, so the "free time" mentioned might not be free time, but at least don't make yourself even busier. it's gonna drive you nuts, you know.

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