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    Can anyone help? Does anyone know how bacteria decode their genetic material to produce proteins. Links to any sites and and help of any sort would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    by transcription and translation methods.
    btw why isnt this in biology?

    i'll have a go but i might not be right this should be in the biology section not the chem section btw. umm ok basically the DNA molecules in a cell determine the polypeptides and proteins made by the cell. Proteins are made by linking together amino acids in a particular sequence on ribosomes in the cytoplasm of a cell (dunno if ribosomes are in a bacterial cell but...). THe sequence of bases in a dna molecule in the nucleus determines the sequence of amino acids in the protein that is made in the cytoplasm. The way in which the base sequence is translated into an amino acid sequence depends upon thegenetic code. In this code which is the same in every organism, three bases in a dna molecule code for one amino acid. THen protein sysnthesis basically occurs (in two stages) transcription and translation etc- hope this helps a bit

    1. DNA molecule unwinds at the point where the gene for the required protein is found.
    2. mRNA (messenger RNA) is built on the template strand, so it holds the opposite of the original base sequence. This is transcription.
    3. mRNA moves out of the nucleus, and joins with a ribosome in the cytoplasm, which reads the single strand until it finds a start codon. A codon on mRNA consists of three bases - on DNA three bases are a triplet, on tRNA three bases are an anti-codon.
    4. Appropriate free tRNA molecules in the cytoplasm bind to the mRNA codon on the ribosome - anti-codon will be the opposite of the codon. This is translation.
    5. Each tRNA molecule carries a specific amino acid. When they bind to the ribosome, the amino acid is plucked off and joined to any previous amino acids with a peptide bond.

    Hope that made things a bit clearer ^^

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