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Is warwick a friendly uni?

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lol,.. i was only kidding.. :smile: Just jealous that youve already got a Warwick offer :frown:
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
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you will be fine!
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man everyone i know here is really friendly and most ppl come from comp school - yes most of them are selective or part selective but surprisingly i havent met many from private school. I reckon u cant have a bad time anywhere and ppl should stop worrying... if you cant get on with at least some of the 16000 students then u have the problem...

Being discriminated against at warwick? *******s. Im from a state school and no one cares cuz most other ppl are too!

Warwicks awesome and everyone should know.
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I love Warwick 'n its prob. gonna be the place where i end up (stupid LSE are so slow :biggrin: !)..haha

Cant wait to go to the Open Day. I've seen pictures of the uni and its amazing!!!
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A message for anyone in doubt about Warwick-I spent 4 great years there and would have stayed longer if they did the postgrad course I wanted there. For those of you who worry about meeting "snotty" people, that's your way of judging people you don't know. If you don't want people to look down from you if you're from a comp then don't expect them to and those from private schools will welcome the opportunity to mix with people that they couldn't mix with at school. I know I did, and my best friends are now those I met at Warwick rather than at my private school. Finally, if you don't like the sound of Coventry, avoid it and go to Leamington instead, which is what many people do.