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    HI, I was wondering if anyone had any more information on this study, as I cannot seem to find anything on the net at the moment.

    The study involved trying to find a link between people speed to get a destination and them not noticing somebody in pain and therefore not helping. Does anyone know of any other similar studies?

    Thanks a lot if you can help me out!


    dont know what you want....but here goes...

    Good Samaritian Study - DArley & Batson 1973
    40 students were asked to present a talk on either the good samaritan story or their future job prospects.
    some were told they were on schedule, ahead of schedule or running late.
    on their way, they met a man slumped in a doorway coughing and groaning. he needed help.
    63% of those who helped were in no hurry compared with just 10% of those behind schedule.

    Other studies..

    Epilepsy Study- Latane and Darley 1970
    Students sat in separate cubicles and communicated via intercom to dicuss personal problems.
    one P (person/participant) mentioned he had seizures when stressed.
    on the seconf turn, it was obvious that the person was having a sezure.
    85% who thought they were alone helped the vicitm
    62% who were in groups of 3 reported it.
    31% who were i groups of 6 went to help
    it is a clear exmape of diffusion of responsibility- the presence of others made the person feel less responsible for helping.

    Smoke Filled Room - Latane and Darley 1968
    students sat in a room when smoke (actually steam) started pouring into the room through a small wall vent.
    Within 4 minutes, 50% of P's had taken action and 75% within 6 minutes,
    in groups of 3, only one out of 24 reported the 'smoke' within 4 minutes.
    this is a clear example of Pluralistic ignorance. - people didnt want to overreact and lose their 'cool' in presence of others, we look for guidance. if they appear calm, there must be no problem.

    Evaluation if you want it? (think it is more to do with Bystander behaviour I.e The Cognitive Decision Making Model - Latane and Darley 1970

    Experimental support- over 50 studies support bystander effects.
    useful model applied in diff. settings- from Kidney donation to stopping someone from drink driving
    Results not always bystander apathy- Schroeder et al (1995) - a belief that others are better placed to help E.g a drowning person and you cant swim
    Presence of others does not inhibit helping - Byran and Test (1967), - male motorists were more liekly to help a stranded female motorist to change their falt tyre if they had seem someone else do it before. this might be explained through modelling.
    Unambigious Situation- the Epilepsy study was obviously an emergency and the presence of others could not be influencing the interpretation of the situation
    Not Real Life- Piliavin criticised Latane and Darley for using emergency situation rather than everyday helping situations.

    hope this helps..ive got the studies mentioned above in more detail if you want them, just PM me....the studies etc above are from my condensed revision notes!
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    Ohhhhh someone replied thanks!

    Its the first study you mentioned, I am only hoping to get information on the In a rush, a little bit late, and on time effects on noticing somebody in trouble (the groaning man)

    The info you gave is the outline of it though which is good! Do you know how Batson and Darley got their percentages (ie. what statistical method)

    im sorry i dont....well i cannot find it.

    but...just now i have found a site with the study in more detail than i gave you. i may help you answer your question ^^

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    I found that site too ,thanks anyway!

    Nowhere seems to have the thing I want

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