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Chinese takeaways that deliver to Fallowfield

hey, we want to get a chinese takeaway delivered tonight, to Fallowfield. Does anyone have the name and number of a place? I know there's one in Rusholme that delivers but I've lost the leaflet!

thanks guys xx
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Yellowpages :smile:

I know its probably a bit late but its always great.
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thanks but i cant find any on there, only restaurants! and its not too late, its tonight we're having it, saturday..

thanks though!
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I had a Chineese mate who's father has a chineese take away on Burton Road in Withington is very close to Fallowfield but I am not sure if they do delivery.
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there's one called oriental and does delivers to everywhere in manchester.

go do a search or something
wee wee's! but i don't have a leaflet and can't remember the number, sorry :frown: but it does have a great name anyway!
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helllooo u i am drunkbur in thw end we wnt to jade city in fallowifle di think, foujd number in yello pages, was very very very nice i havet o day,recomment to everytone"!!! mmmmmmmmm llove chinese x x x