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Successful Cambridge Applicants Chat - 2006

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well thought id say hi, back from holiday, hope you all enjoyed yours as well going to bed soon...
mooooooooorning y'all. well it's morning here, anyway. 8.02am. what time's it there? i've got 3 weeks left of work tralalala and then 3 weeks to cambridge woot :biggrin:
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go... team
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come on party people, throw your hands in the air
It's just gone 1:15 in the morning!

And tctc, that last post sounds scarily like S-club 7 lyrics
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bah i have work soonish... and your all not there
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It's just gone 1:15 in the morning!

And tctc, that last post sounds scarily like S-club 7 lyrics

yay life!
noo not sclub 7! never!
things must be bad if your excited that I'm here...

And there's nothing wrong with s-club
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yeh nothing at all....
you keep telling yourself that :p:
I will, I'll also keep telling myself its completely normal to be going to a robbie williams gig, and be really excited about it (one month and counting)!!
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robbie williams is plausable...
what is exciting is I'm 19 one month today, so I've been shopping with mummys credit card on the internet, so this year i might get some presents on time. I got my christmas pressie in March this year, and Mum was feeling guilty!
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i still havnt had my 17th bday pressent gift thingy..
I didn't get a preasent for my 17th, i did have 40 driving lessons on my parents thou, i was a really awful driver!
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hmm im having an uber bizzare msn convo with an old friend
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Letting you all know that I'm back from my holiday.
I hate plane journeys :frown:.
Damnit, more people add me on msn, I am getting bored :redface: . There's nothing to bloody do!

[email protected]

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48 Hours :frown::eek:

And tctc.... shut it, or I'l through my burberry cap at yo, innit. :cool:

:dancing: tralalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

:sheep: hey, everyone remember when rpotter used to have a thing for sheep! hehe that was funny.
Ooo everyone is giving emails. Il add people/give mine out after results day if by some kind fo blessing i find out im going to cambridge :smile:

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