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Successful Cambridge Applicants Chat - 2006

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:eek: Our car has broken down and a tow truck is coming in half an hour to take us to Blackburn (from London)! Must pack quickstyle :eek:!
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Naughty boy/girl/daughter/whatever you are

I'm officially a guy now :biggrin: :cool:

The Muffin Man is back! :party:

*steals muffin*
Muffin Man
:frown:. I took some pills and I still got sick. In fact, I threw up 10 mins after taking the 2nd pill. Completely ridiculous.

Yeah I used to take "Joyrides" - they were pink - until I was 10 and I threw up in my Mum's friend's car. My mum decided they were no longer effective even though they were supposed to be for kids.

I haven't taken any travel sickness pills for ages and haven't thrown up - maybe I've grown out of it? :smile:

BTW, welcome back Muffin Man! :biggrin:

edit: bye again Muffin Man! Get to a computer soon!
Now my computer has stopped being slow (for the moment!) why has everyone stopped posting???

Somebody say something! :mad: :p:
The red pill or the blue pill? :biggrin:
The red pill or the blue pill? :biggrin:

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The red pill or the blue pill? :biggrin:


Dragon Girl

A certain pill that was brought out for people with heart problems, but didnt really work, and turned out to have some rather interesting side effects :wink: :p:
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Ooo how did it end ?:biggrin:

a "booty call" :rolleyes:
a "booty call" :rolleyes:

BOO-TAY!!! :biggrin:
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for all of your convience and my boredom :
Such a helpful young man :p:
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yeh i dont even include mine :cool:
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yeh i dont even include mine :cool:

antisocial :wink: :p:
Im bored :frown:

What is everyone doing tomorow?

I would like to do something distracting, but im not in the mooooood :biggrin:
going to work yay that'll be fun

the admin hasn't yet banned this site tho
****, Nooooooooooooooooo!
Postal strike over the next couple of days around London.
****, Nooooooooooooooooo!
Postel strike over the next couple of days around London.

THOSE ******* ******* ******** ******* **** )£^%&"$"(*&$!^$!$!"!$!$&£^%£%)£^ *^£"$"!@@@!£*%^£"%"@"%@%$"$*!"£!

Sorry. Erm, yeah, gits.

What part of London you from noooni?
London Borough of Hillingdon *reads off her LEA form* :smile:

I'm from the Nottingham part of London . . . :p:

Am feeling slightly left out that my email address was not on that list . . . so I now surrender it . . . [email protected] :rolleyes:
London Borough of Lewisham, the ghetto! Well, okay, not entirely the ghetto.

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