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Successful Cambridge Applicants Chat - 2006

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*shrug* I prefer the BMJ...

Those aeroplane magazines are just embarrassing though. Those poor people at the very beginning of the hand-luggage restrictions. They'd have only had the easyjet magazines and the safety cards to read. And the sick bags; I found one this summer with an advert for free spools on it: "don't be sick, come to Klick!"
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the economist?

I'm sorry.
Haha. I got it for the ol' Politics A-level and haven't read it since. This weeks issue is still in its plastic wrapping, whoopsy. all the way :rock:
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Hey everyone! back from oxford, had a really great time! Saw alot of the city and its countryside, although i still prefer cambridge - naturally! I guess i was just lucky with the people i was staying with: lovely company! the mum kinda adopted me as a son lol

anyway, quite a few people have added me on msn from here, but i none of you, simply because i dont know where to get your addys from! can anyone help?
There is an attachment by tctc on this page with everyones emails :smile:
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thnx noooni! :biggrin:
no problem :biggrin:

You coming to the london meet on the 1st?
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maybe i will, maybe i wont.... :p:
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actually, probably not, because mums organised a massive get together on the second, altho the camb party's only from "6-8pm" (apparently), so maybe i will come!
ooo the suspence :cool::p:
:eek: I just noticed you live in london.
Oh dont be lazy then, come :biggrin:
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*cant think of anything witty to say*.... errrrmmm, yea, 'suspence' :p:
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ah ok! its a date, although rpotter wont be at all happy about this...
ah ok! its a date, although rpotter wont be at all happy about this...

Thats ok il buy him a chocolate bar or something :p:

*gutted that rpotter isnt coming*:frown:
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may i make a suggestion? buy him beer instead!
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Hello, some of you might have seen this but have put together a budget calculator which might help you plan next year. Its an excel file attached in thread:
Hope it can be some use to people
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Thanking you. Before now all i'd seen are the generic-type budgets they throw at us at college which dont really take things like balls and matriculation into account! It does seem manageable.... if one is sensible of course :redface:.

Talking of reading lists, I'm not getting too het up about mine, I'm just reading what catches my eye :p: . I've also got some fiction on the go to maintain a balance. Whats everyone reading at the moment (if anything, and apart from magazines :p: ) I'm reading The Time Traveller's Wife atm; have been a little book worm this summer!
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ive just finished the hindu part of the kama sutra...
now im reading flatland and oscar wilde; lady windermeres fan

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