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Successful Cambridge Applicants Chat - 2006

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*hasn't disappeared, though he doesn't really have any good reason to still be up*

*waves hello to cassiopeia*
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hey cassiopeia!

London TSR gathering was good! off to bed now!
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my GOD. i don't think i can go to sleep yet, my brother's got some of his friends round and they're doing drinking games. he seems to be the chosen one to get everyone making him have a drink and at the moment he can hardly talk. jeeeeezaz man. you'd think a 21yrold would perhaps know better :rolleyes:

oh yey they're shouting telling him to go to bed. eek, big thud. i'm off. night everyone!
hey all,
College applied to:s-smilie:t John's
Course:Arch and Anth
Deferred entry? nah
Where are you living right now:at home in london
A few details about yourself:hmmmmm... i'm 18, am really geeky about my subject but otherwise (i think) relatively normal - ok, read eccentric :wink: - am really looking forward to 30th september - gettin my bike sorted this weekend lol... if you really really want to know more, my myspace is at :biggrin:

yey, another Johns person!

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i love how my brother and his mates have eaten all the food in the house. i've just had tuna on waterbiscuits for lunch and am planning on some baked beans for dinner. with possibly a bit of tuna on the side. lecker.
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i've eaten nothing. haven't been shopping. boo.
Reply 7066
i've eaten nothing. haven't been shopping. boo.

wanna split my tin o' heinz?
Reply 7067
thanks but no. ill just eat something at work.
*looks disapproving*

You have to eat, Ally.
Reply 7069
*mumble mumble*
*mumble mumble*

Can't talk properly cos your mouth is full of food?! :eek:
Reply 7071
um...yes! lol i'm off to work now. fun fun fun.
Hows everyone this evening/afternoon?
Reply 7073
everyone rejoice! i've discovered the perfect student meal - baked beans + tuna -> in a bowl = yum
Reply 7074
Pfffft, everyone knows its spaghetti hoops on toast!
Reply 7075
Pfffft, everyone knows its spaghetti hoops on toast!

I agree!! Although regular spaghetti is just as nice, even if you can't scoop it up with the prongs on your fork :p: Just about to go Tesco shopping; i'll see if theres anything studenty worth picking up!!
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Pfffft, everyone knows its spaghetti hoops on toast!

\/\/otevz!! spag on toast's too...fiddly! tuna in beans is highly portable. :cool:
Not as nice as mashed banana on toast!
Not as nice as mashed banana on toast!

mmmm your avatar is sooo yummy looking :p:

However, mashed banana on toast = :eek: ;no;
I think the best thing to take with are lots of interesting herbs and spices, as they can make anything taste interesting or different. Also, lots of chillies, and things with distinctive tastes. My best invention is pasta with peppers and goats cheese. It rocks.


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