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Successful Cambridge Applicants Chat - 2006

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Virginia Andrews... :rofl: Every book is the same story line. Once you read one lot, you've read all.
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haah tariq no u dont
I was wondering where you'd got to. At least you're back now. :biggrin:

What did these drunks do? Just post inappropriate comments?

Porn links apparently. The ban thing just said "adult content".
:eek: The Corrs rule!!

I like B*witched better. :eek3:
I like B*witched better. :eek3:

Corrs pwn B*witched.
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haah tariq no u dont

saw right through me :smile:
Corrs pwn B*witched.

None of their songs are on iTunes. There's only a documentary on them...
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i have c'est la vie.
i have c'est la vie.

I saw the video on TMF recently.

My god, how things have changed since the 90s...
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yeh. i blame bwitched for the over influx of matching denim outfits. i mean denim jacket with similarly toned denim jeans? just no.
i used to have a whole b*witched album and serveral corr's albums...

should i not have admitted to that?
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yeh so....
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Corrs pwn B*witched.

Corrs ****ing rock.
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B*witched = crap

Corrs were pretty good, but got very annoying
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hey rpotter! long time no see! glad you're alive, mate :smile:
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Heya! :biggrin:

Yup, been out quite a bit recently, and this thread has been like dying :eek2:

I've been spamming more elsewhere recently :biggrin: :p:

ZOMG! Newsflash!

....but even the mathmos tell me I'm wierd o__0

Who's LAME SKI ORE exactly Rob? lol
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Pfprtklf liek youk dont knew!

like condunbdrum innnnit
I don't understand this thread anymore :frown:
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Ditting Suck
I don't understand this thread anymore :frown:


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