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Successful Cambridge Applicants Chat - 2006

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Pretty much all my friends leave tomorrow and they were all too busy with their families to go out. As if.

And I'm so boooored!
Have a ****.

EDIT: My God, it's not even a swear word! Okay then...

Have a tug.
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i went to a pretty rough state school and one of the guys in my class was gunna be getting kicked out of science...but he bought the teacher a cool tie so my teacher let him off!! now THATS the power a good tie can get ya!

Bribery always works.
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Right!! See you soon people - I'm moving out tomorrow morning!! Very scary. I'm up at Cambridge early for Greek Week. Good luck with the packing folks!

Ruthie x x
See you at Sidney! :smile:
Ruthie - look out for a girl called Rosie - Clare - Theology...she's lovely! And from Cambridge :smile:
I just passed my driving test. Astonishingly.
Congrats!! Well done!!

One week today tout le monde!!

Three days for me!
Oooo excited? packed? ready?

(bombarding questions is my nature)
Definitely excited, but I've not packed at all yet as I finished work on Friday. Will start tomorrow morning (hard drinking tonight, doncha know).
heehee...i know what u mean!! Im not at all packed yet...dont have any clothes having lost the majority whilst backpacking grrr!!
I'll pack on thursday if I feel motivated. So probably friday.
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So wish I was a first year again :s:
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alcohol roar...
spent 100£ this week on lovely alcohol...
alcohol roar...
spent 100£ this week on lovely alcohol...

I feel sorry for your liver.
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I feel sorry for your liver.

bank account..
nah i was generous like :smile:
however exessive gargling of absinthe etc has made me shed several layers of epithileum of my inner mouth
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100 quid wouldn't be hard if you were some fussy wino :p:

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