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    Right well here goes on Tuesday Night i went out with my bf. we decided to go to the cinema and his mum dropped us of there. Before the film we had an hour to spare so went to catch something to eat at subway. We were getting on as we usual do when we started to walk back! I saw this girl from college who my bf knows from high school when i suddenly panicked and thought i hope she doesnt see me with him :confused:
    This girl looked over and smiled to my bf so im nto sure if she saw me or not! We went into the bolwing alley and things were still getting on as usual. We then went to the cinema and at the cinema my bf was being so annoying i felt so peed of! i was getting some sweetes when he was moaning for me to get a caertain type i put them into shut him up yet in the cinema even though i offered him he didnt eat any of them! :mad:

    In the cinema were usual like close (hugging holding hands) yet there was none of that! I moved my head like near to him but after a while he moved forward. I did think this was a bit odd. After he walked me to the bus station so I could get my bus i stood infront of him to get close yet he walked away from me. This happened a few times. When suddenly he pulled me close and went i want a word before you get on the bus. :eek:

    I suddenly panicked realising what eh wanted to chat about i saw my bus and said ive gotta go and ran for that he went ill phone you and walked of. He didnt even wave at the bus goodbye even though we went past him.

    On the bus he rang me and said "Look ****** I like you as a mate" i just replied that id phone him bk. I got home and phoned him bk he was like you know wat im going to say! he basically told me he didnt wana go out anymore and how i know that he doesnt usually do the whole gf thing. He said he would stay m8s i was okey the other day but now i want him bk.

    what should i do i need to phone him as i owe him 30quid i said id text him in a few days time! im gonig on hols on wednesday for a week should i leave it till after then? but i said r u still cuming to my 18th and he said if i wanted him to. yet he came on msn the enxt day and said he dunno if hed ***

    We were together for 4 months in total and he said for the past 3 weeks he felt like this! what should i do? sorry for the long post x

    Awww, i think he sucks! if he felt like that for so long, he shouldn't have left you thinking things were hunky-dorey. But in answer to your problems:

    Text him very casually sayin you need to give him his money, and YOU suggest when/where, also don't do the whole 'howr u? what u up2' thing (i often do) cos you'll get peeved if he doesn't respond (as often happens to me grrr)

    Don't ask him about the party again, and if he asks whether you want him to go, just be really casual and make it clear that you're not gonna make the decision for him. also, you could try something like: yeah, you'll probably have a good time. this will place the emphasis on HIM having fun, rather than YOU depending on his presence for your fun. plus its your birthday party! if it was me i'd tell him to sod off, but that might expain my lack of a boyf right now!

    if he doesn't text you before your hols, leave it till you get back, and DON'T text him when you're away, even if he text you! you don't want to be thinking about him and therefore ruining your break.

    Lastly (sorry if this is wayyy too long!) the only reason you want him back is because you can't have him. given your descriptions of him, you'd probably have dumped him soon in any case.

    Have a great holiday, hope this helped in some way!

    Love Sam xxxx
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