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Tv in room

I just wondered how many of you have a TV in your room?

I went to a campus tour and the talk we had suggested not many people do this, as it was anti-social (I can kind of see why), but I just wondered! Thanks :biggrin:
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Loads of people have TVs in their rooms! Whether you can pick up a decent TV signal is a different matter though!
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University
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I think the majority of folk have got some form of television with them - be it an actual TV or a TV Card for their computer.

It's not anti-social at all; you don't have to watch it all the time or you could watch things with other people :smile:

Signal strength is indeed supposed to vary though. My TV Card can handle most digital (freeview) channels fine but struggles with the broadcast ones. That's in Cartmel.
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If you're in Cartmel and Lonsdale (don't know about other places) you also get an aerial plug thing so you can get the same clarity of signal as you would get at home.

I have a tv... granted, I am pretty anti-social but that's just me, not my tv. :biggrin:
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I had a tv and got good reception (I was in old Cartmel) the new Cartmel and Lonsdale now has fixed ariel points in all rooms. In other colleges it's literally hit and miss to whether you can get a good signal and all standard channels, it literally can depend on which room you are in, my neighbour couldnt get any signal at all.
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Hey i doubt you do but may as well ask..... could you get a sky box in lonsdale and cartmel????
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Freeview yes but not Sky as there is no dish (that im aware of)
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Thankyou, oh well I will have to get someone to record nip/tuck!!! lol:smile:
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Thankyou, oh well I will have to get someone to record nip/tuck!!! lol:smile:

Yeh i love all of those american series on sky one. ive just got my parents to sky plus them and everytime i go home i can have a night of watching them. the good side to it is that if there is a cliffhanger you can just watch the next episode straight after.
if you cant do that most of the series are just repeated a few months later on channel 4 or something, so all is not lost!:smile:

tana xx
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I love my TV. Got a freeview box for Christmas, so my nights are set. Wow I'm so anti-social.
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I have a tv but no aerial and haven't even tried to get reception. Tv is pants! But mine has a ps2, xbox and xbox360 connected to it so it's not bad :p: Everyone's always in my room playing on the consoles! So little work goes on in my flat, especially in my room :smile:
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you can get a TV card for your comp that acts pretty much just like sky+ and it has freeview all for £60. definitely the best thing i did. most of my flat mates don't have a TV and i have no idea how they even survive. lots of people where telling me it was anti-social but that’s not the case, i have so much free time everyday before say 4pm as everyone is at lectures etc anyway. and the signal is perfect in Lonsdale.
and if you want to watch TV shows then there is always lusernet to download them off.

P.S. ‘Lenneh’ can I please, please be your friend?! I want to play that 360 :wink: .
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Yeh a TV card sounds like a good idea. When you say it kinda works like sky+ what you mean? you cant get sky channels can you??? x
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unfortunately not, u need a dish for that. but i mean it has the same features allowing you to record Tv digitally, pause Tv, fast-forward/rewind etc.
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cool i think i will get one of those then! take up less room aswell