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Well basically it's more a question of what's keeping me here, because nothing is. I'm constantly down here, and I feel at the end of the day, I'm going to be dragging myself through three years of misery, for a degree that doesn't even lead me directly to anything (politics).

I'd much rather be earning and in a job. However, I'd want it to be a job where there is room for me to work my way up. I'm very scared of dropping out and landing a job where it's just a dead end. Obviously I'll take any job, but I'd like to know I could change jobs and end up having a good career still. I'm not stupid, I did quite well in my A-Levels with AAB, so I don't want to waste my potential.

I really do think dropping out is the best thing for me, as I just don't feel right here. I'm just wondering what my options are if I don't go to university...
Sounds like an Apprenticeship would be for you; training with an employer, working your way up, and great career prospects. You can do them up until the age of 24 where the Gov will pay 50% of the funding.
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OK.. This is your life.. There is no point going to. University for the sake of your parents.. Take time out.. Do what makes you happy.. Maybe leave out the going back bit.. You may decide st a later date its just not your bag.. But do try and keep a regular day.. Get up eat drink excercise help. Out at home.. If you are low go see your gp.. Keep. Up. Your social. Life.. See what else us out there.. There are on line courses.. Reed employment do. Loads of free stuff.. Think about msybe doing volunteering but be sure what kind if work you want to do.. All this will. Hold you in good stead for a job..tbh employers these days sometimes prefer their staff to have a bit more experience than just a degree.. You have not failed.. Its just not the right tone for you.Good luck.. ❤️ Debs

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