Cambridge interview (Lucy Cavendish)... any past interviewees?

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    Apparently I've managed to fluke my way into a Cambridge interview, which I REALLY wasn't expecting... unfortunately everything I have read seems to tell me how intimidating and notoriously difficult the interviews are. This will be my first ever veterinary interview, so I'm a little nervous to say the least!

    Can anybody help me with what I should expect from them/what they expect from me? I have applied as a graduate - will they ask me more about my degree in the science interview, or will they still be likely to ask me A-level based questions?

    Any past experiences would be really helpful!


    I applied as an undergrad to Robinsons and I know they are all different but they started off with really easy science questions (even GCSE level), and then moved it on to A level standard, and then tried to push me until I struggled to find an answer. It is likely that they will try to test the limits of what you know.

    Mine asked a lot of science questions, esp. chemistry and biology, some of which has no relation to vet science whatsoever!

    They asked me about a specific case I mentioned on my work experience form and tried to test my understanding of the case.

    I too have somehow managed to get an interview at Lucy Cavendish! Im also graduate so Im thinking they might try some more difficult questions, I may have to read through some of my degree notes
    Im also resitting my A levels, what did you do to prepare for the interview SilverstarDJ?

    i've got an interview at lucy cavendish as well - are either of you going on one of the tours?
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