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Seem to be losing contact with FWB... blessing in disguise? watch

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    We meet up once a week on average for sex

    We talk a bit before, and a bit after, but he leaves soon afterwards (unless he stays over). When he stayed over, we had a quickie in the morning then he left.

    He texts me when he wants to meet for sex. That’s all. I occasionally text to ask how he is, but the conversation doesn’t last and mostly I text him for the same reason.

    He’s nice, polite and sweet. He has a good job and is quite intelligent. But really, we have nothing in common. We don’t properly know each other – thus, I’m attached, but I don’t like him. How can I want a relationship with someone I basically don’t know?

    Basically if he never gets in touch what I’m missing out on is regular sex/affection. Ultimately, it has to end somewhere, it’s casual and non-committal, and as much as I’d like to like him, and vice- versa, I can’t force it. I only think about him sexually, it’s just lust, and now that he’s not contacted much and I don’t really know what he’s been doing, I’m having issues with control. I’m sexually attached to him.

    Much better it ends like this than we carry on sleeping together and then he meets someone and I never see him again. Can’t let myself get more attached.

    I love the thought of having sex with him. We’re very sexually compatible. But that’s just greed. Like fatty foods, it’s enjoyable at the time but not good for me in the long term.

    Anyone else have experience of becoming attached to their FWB? How did you cope/move on, or did you?

    If you're starting to get attached to him and know it's not going to go anywhere, get out now. You'll only be hurting yourself in the long run.

    You sound like you have your head screwed on *if you'll pardon the pun*

    Few girls are able to hold down FWB for long on an emotional level aye, at least you can see the signs..

    I like how rational your post is OP
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    I had the same problem - actually I ended it a few months ago because I was getting attached, then he started texting me again a couple of months ago and I nearly hooked up with him again. Luckily I re-realised he's a ****, not worth it and that I could do better and find someone I care about. I've deleted him off fb, I won't text him back if he texts me, and the dirty photos are gone :P. I understand what you mean about lust - I just force myself to think about someone else, or not think about sex at all. I'm determined not to go back there, and to wait it out and find someone who wants to commit. You should do the same
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