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    Basically i got this essay due for tomorrow I need to know what sampling method i would use if i was doing this research3.4 Content Analysis

    The term content analysis was described by Rugg(2006) as
    “Content analysis: what is said in a text, how it is said, and how often it’s said”
    To be able to evaluate the different types of representations which were gained during the time of the riots. Newspaper and television content will be collected, any content which contains ‘youth’ and ‘riots’ will be analysed.
    Stories will be gathered from the national and regional sources. The stories collected will be dated over a two week period, from the 6th August to the 20th August 2011.This time frame was decided ,as it was two weeks from the day the riots started. Once all the stories are collected, all the representations will be analysed. The stories will then be put into three categories positive, negative and neutral categories based on how they are representing youth.

    3.5 Focus groups:

    One of the aims of our project was to critically analyse the people given speaking time on media outlets to defend/ represent view of the 'Tottenham' rioter? Diverse? All Black men? To research this objective effectively. The research will use qualitative method – focus groups.Kitzinger (1995) described focus groups as
    “Focus groups are a form of group interview that capitalises on communication between research participants in order to generate data”.

    Although group interviews are often used simply as a quick and convenient way to collect data from several people simultaneously, focus groups explicitly use group interaction as part of the method.During the focus group, participants will be asked general questions about the riots. This will be done to try and stimulate discussion within the group. This will allow the researcher to gain an understanding of participants views towards particular issues.

    Two focus groups will be conducted , one in the town of Tottenham where the riots started. The other in neighboring Enfield , as participants from Tottenham may be bias to a particular view. This will improve the validity of the research and lead to unbiased findings. The participants will be aged between 16 – 26. During the focus groups, the participants will be showed media content .The content will show individuals trying to represent/defend the ‘Tottenham rioter’.

    3.6 Online survey:

    After the focus groups with the participants are been completed, similar questions will be put into an online survey to get the views of more participants. This will allow the research to get views from a wider sample. The survey will be advertised on social network sites, as well forum such as ‘The Student Room’ as their users, are the same age as the target sample. The survey will remain ‘live’ for two weeks. The survey will have a variety of closed questions, which allow the data to be analysed easily.

    3.7 Picture time

    The participants will then be asked to draw a picture of a dog. The reason a dog has been chosen , the results will be visible from certain characteristic i.e size , facial expressions etc., how they think the media content , is portraying the ‘Tottenham rioter’ and then from a personal perspective they will be required to do the same thing

    3.8 Observation
    To gain an insight into all the media platforms that represented Tottenham youth, during the period of the riots. A variety of platforms will be analysed. The research method which will be used will be direct observation. Langley(1998) described observation as “Observation involves looking and listening very carefully. We all watch other people sometimes, but we don’t usually watch them in order to discover particular information about their behavior. This is what observation in social science involves”
    In addition to this, it will also allow the individual controlling the method to distinguish a difference in representation according to the different mediums used. This will help build a conclusion on whether specific mediums are intentionally used to portray specific messages and additionally allow trends in media content to be recorded.

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Updated: November 28, 2011

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