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    Well let me get started by telling you a bit about my past... Basically from 5th grade - 11th grade I barely had contact with any girls, my friends would mostly be guys and rarely go out and hang with girls. I really didn't care because I actually didn't know that hanging around girls is fun as well. When I first started 11th grade I got to know the person sitting next to me pretty well and in a few weeks we started meeting up and just chilling together... and the more I would hang out with him the more I would get to know this other group of people who hang out with girls as well. A few weeks down the line I started getting really close to all these new people and basically lost all contact with my other group of friends. I honestly didn't care because when I met these people they changed me, they became like my family because we got so close in a matter of weeks. I got especially close with this girl who I started having feelings for but she was the first girl I ever liked so I had no clue what to do! Well she started dating this other guy and it was hard for me to get over her but in the end I did and everything was alright and till now I consider her like a sister to me. Meeting all these new people gave me so much more self confidence and helped me meet even more people. I met so many people in the past 2 years I can't even count them but this group of friends that I have now is the most important to me because we are all extremely close and were like 15-20 people!

    Anyway so after I got over that girl I liked I thought that maybe I should start trying to meet new girls and maybe get a girlfriend... I met loads and loads of girls over those 2 years but only ever had a thing for 2, those 2 rejected me and ever since I haven't found anyone I would actually consider having a relationship with. I was in my comfort zone at that time and I think that made my transition from home to uni much harder.

    When I started uni I met loads of new people so quickly I couldn't keep count, but the problem was I was still 17 and couldn't go to clubs with them so I had to stay home most of the time unless we went to the union because they would let me in. This made it harder for me to keep in touch with my new friends and make proper conversation. I've been 18 for a month now and I've only been clubbing once with them and that was halloween. Right now I'm finding it harder to go out with them and have fun because I feel like I'm the odd one out. I'm scared I go back to how I was before when I barely had any friends and would only hang out with guys, except that I'm not really hanging out with anyone I spend loads of time alone in my room skyping with friends from back home or just on my xbox.

    How can I regain that confidence I had in me?

    Too lazy to read.
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