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Has anyone else ever had a similar "amazing" moment you think can't have been real? watch

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    Last night it was 5 years ago to the day that my dad passed away. I'd been really sad for most of the day and it was about 11.45pm, and I was looking out the window at 3 stars (making up orions belt) which when I was younger my dad had told me a story about them and I always think about him when I see him, also listening to a song my mum had played to me the night he died.

    At that moment a shooting star went passed right next to 3 the stars.

    It was one of those moments which just felt incredible and cheered me right up to the point where I started wondering if I'd imagined it. I'm not usually a big believer in things like this but it just feels like it was all a bit much to be a huge coincidence

    My mum told me this morning about when the night her dad died how she saw a shooting star as well.

    Anyone had a moment similar or that you think was too good to be true?

    That sounds really wonderful, nothing that good has happened to me though.

    My 'amazing moment' is pretty boring. I once had a dream where I saw the time 4:57. That day coming home my bus came at that exact time.
    Incredibly underwhelming, I know

    we went to my grandmas funeral, and got back to my grandads house ahead of him,with my mum and aunt and we went in and there was a strange.....feeling is all i can describe it as....you could blame the funeral, but then thestrangest thing was the bathroom door was locked, from the inside...which just isnt possible with the type of lock....was eerie, and my cousins daughter, had some freaky things happen to her alast year actually,sounds like something from a movie, she would talk about strange little....characters and in middle of night my cousin and his wife downstairs,hearing suddenly loud noises from her room she shared with her older brother, they went upstairs and she was stood there but the mattress(shes tiny,couldnt possibly have done it) was off the bed,toys everywere, were talking the matter of 2-3 mins as they rushed straight upstairs and her brother still in bed asleep,she said it was the naughty 1,similar things happened alot,the creepiest thing tho was they were downstairs watching tv and heard a strange noise so again went up and she wasnt in her bed asleep, they panicked frantically searched and opened the tall cupboard with no shelves except 1 at the top (7ft) and she was asleep on the top shelf. No chairs out of place,no way to climb up, and again her brother was asleep....How??This isn't made up, then it all just stopped. I dnt believe in any of that stuff at all,and my cousins not religious at all,her family is but theres no answers....i did offer to go in with a camera when they were out....they nastilly turned me down

    The night my Grandad died, I was lying in bed and I remember my duvet looking just like a hand reaching out. I looked for a few seconds then moved it. I fell back asleep and when I next work up, it was a hand again. I believe it was his way of saying he's still with us.
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