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Advice on Everyday Issues is intended for users to ask questions/seek advice about issues which do not fit into the other forums such as eBay disputes, post office opening times and similar.

Please remember that this forum is NOT intended for debate topics or chit-chat. While a thread may relate to an everyday issue, unless you are looking for advice/support on the topic, you should post the thread in another forum.

Life and Style
Post here for advice about your physical and mental Health, Relationships with friends, family, colleagues or partners, and Money and Finance concerns (or ask questions about Student Financial Support arrangements).

TSR Community
Here you can have a Chat or discuss things which have happened in everyday life.

Debate and Current Affairs
If you wish to have a debate about social, cultural or religious issues, then Society or Religion may be more appropriate.

If you have a technological question about your computer, mobile phones and so on, then Technology and Computers is more appropriate. If you have a car related question, then Cars and motoring or Learning to drive may be more appropriate.

University and University Courses
Post in a forum here to discuss anything about university, courses, Applications and UCAS, or if you need Personal Statement Help.

Study Help
Post here if you need subject-specific help, Revision and Study Tips or advice on your GCSEs and A-Levels.

Careers and Jobs
If you want advice on your career or jobs, you may find Careers sectors and Employment or Part-time and Temporary Employment more suitable.

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