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What Rocks and What Sucks - Aston

When I went to visit Aston last summer, before I had applied to uni ( oh the simple days) I absolutely adored it. I wanted to do Marketing then so Aston seemed the perfect place.
Somewhere between then and applying in December, I decided to do a Politics degree as I want to be an Air Traffic Controller (genius). Anyway now I'm deciding whether to put Aston or Loughborough as my insurance and grace sunny Wales with my presence. Help! :smile:

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my friend studies at laughborough and he says that place is boring as there is nothing but uni... Aston is in the center of the b'ham so u will have lot more fun here.... :smile:
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
Your post has probably just confirmed what I already knew- Aston is in a fantastic location and I was loving Birmingham when I came to visit (the TOPSHOP was HUGE)
Also if the Loughborough students have to go to Leicester for a good night then you know things are desperate.
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aston is aight as uni as well... lot of stuff happening in guild and so on...
to be true about b'ham.. there good city center, with lot of stuff... however outside that there is nothin... but still better than laughborough
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im confused should i go ucl or aston?
for audiology?
they both offered me the same grades?
UCL lowered theres for me,this is for audiology
where should i go??
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Loughborough is only nothing but uni if you don't get involved with anything. If you can't find something to get involved with while you are here during the days when you don't have lectures then you aren't trying. In your first week / term you will make tons of great people, everyone here gets on amazingly well, and if there's a night where you have nothing to do it would only be due to choice.

You can call Loughborough what you like, but boring isn't one of them.
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don't get me wrong MisterJ... all i was trying to say that aston's location gives u more possibilities and choice.
I also not everyone like to get involved in lot of activities.....
my boyfriend does audiology sarah so pm me if you want me to ask him anything. He really likes aston and i think the course is good, altho they do have 2 whole days off in 1st yr! Not too strenuous at the moment. Dont know about ucl myself though.
Everybody is raving about the 'Lufbra' experience, I'm back to square one.
Audiology is a vocational degree and leads directly to a job, so I think you can afford to go to a uni that you will have a good time at rather an prestigue. Plus you'll be an audiologist when your done and that won't be much fun, so have fun at uni.
Exactly, couldn't put it better myself. According to everyone

'university are the best days of your life' - so go where the fun is.

As a famous weird bearded man keeps saying

"A 1st with no extra curricular activities is ok, a 2:1 with loads of extra stuff is even better".

So to conclude - Uni rocks
MBC sucks
whats not fun about being an audiologist? its much more fun than accounting or buisness! I would think its a very interesting job thanks for your stupid opinions, but nobody asked you!
I'll ignore the comment above.
Anything else on why Aston is such a great uni will be greatly appreciated:smile:
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Location, Location, Location.

Friendly and concise university.

Can't walk accross campus without seeing atleast one person you know.

Lectures are good and interesting.

Lecturers are generally quite fun and a good laugh.

Its possible to get up at 9:57 and make a ground floor lecture from lakeside block B (practically furthest away campus accomodation).

To the same extent, 9:54 to the Warwick Lecture Theatre (6th floor, Main building) is easily possible with time to spare from lakeside Block B.

Aston uni isnt actually in Aston.

Erdington (2nd year accomodation area) isnt that bad either. From my limited experience.

Societies and Sports teams are generally well organised.

They seem to let almost anyone have the £1000 Uni grant to help with studies.
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thanks guys
aston it is
The only thing that gets to me about Aston is there is no catered accommodation. Thats gonna kill me.
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Last year you could buy meal tickets for the cafe's within the main building at Aston, if you find someone else doing the same then I suppose its 'catered' as its not really any more than 5 minutes walk away. Extra cost though, although im not positive how much.
Oh, o.k. Thanks for all your help. I'll go visit Loughborough ( again) on the 25th and hopefully my mind will be made up.
Does the fact that the uni is so small, stop you meeting a huge range of people and hinder your socail life at all? and Whats the general student atitude? e.g friendly, trendy, studious.
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7,000 students is still more than enough people to be going on with. there's always someone left to meet - but at the same time it's highly likely you'll meet the same person more than once (and hence get to know them better). the first few weeks are full of random encounters, but at other unis you might not see the people ever again!

and if you ever do run out of aston students... there's the rest of birmingham to be going on with!

aston students are very friendly. some of us are quite studious, others not so much, others balance it out... but i think the same is true of most unis. at times it seems as if no ones ever studies, but that's cos studious ones are at home studying and not down in the bar :wink:
The size of the uni only helps your social life :smile: Your bound to meet someone you know from a course, class, friend of a friend, club whenever you walk about, visit a pub, etc.
I keep doing tours round the campus on Applicant's Days and always see people I know just wandering.

You're not restricted in any way, shape or form! Flatmates, Classmates, Societies....the list is endless!