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middle of nowhere?

No offence at all meant to anyone who's at lancaster cos it does look a really good place to live an study, but a couple of the people who i'v spoken to about the uni have basically said that it is in the middle of nowhere, all the locals hate the student and the nightlife is really bad because it is in the middle of a field.

My form tutor (who's son is there at the mo) has basically told me that i will hate it cos its quite quiet and isolated but i really like the look of the course (Law and Criminology) and its not too far away from where I am now.

But i really dont want to miss out on the whole 'uni experience' by going somewhere which wont be suited to my personality.

Some advice would be helpful from anyone who is there now/has been to visit etc i do intend to go see for myself but its not for a while.

Thanks in advance, sorry about the length!!! xxx
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I visited this weekend and Lancaster itself is quite small. The town is ok size, has topshop n shops like that and all the basic stuff. It depends what you are used to really - for me Lancaster was quite small but thats cuz i live near birmingham so?

I didn't go out at night but i think theres a thread about it in this forum somewhere, and there are 9 bars on campus. To me it sounds pretty good!
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University
Read the thread on here entitled " Nightlife :d "... I don't want to repeat my post on there but it stands for this thread too...
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Lancaster, quiet? You haven't been on campus at night have you? Trust me, we are a noisy bunch. :p:

Seriously yes Lancaster is small, but I believe Keele is a lot smaller. We are hardly in the middle of nowhere. Sure we have to catch a bus to get into town, but the uni has plenty of things on campus to keep us occupied.
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Lancaster is small by comparison to other cities, the campus is 10mins from town by bus and 20mins on the train to preston.

The campus is not quiet, it depends when you visit at weekends it does tend to be quieter as people go home/ 2nd and 3rd years arent on campus.

Dont believe what others say it really is a uni that you need to personally come and see to decide if you like it.

Also the courses you are applying to, I have friends on one of them and they think its great.
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Lancaster is cool

Im from manchester, so aint no hillbilly. Its not huge but its is deffinately not quiet. Its a great place and not a million miles from manchester.

I am a person who went out every weekend at home. Initially i was unhappy at the lack of variation in the music scene. But now im helping out at various nights and that. :smile:
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It may seem like it is in the middle of nowhere but like everyone else has said there is quite a bit to do.

There are always socials happening in all of the colleges and just because you dont belong to a college doesn't mean you can't go to their events too.

Ohhhh and join a society (you'll join loads on freshers week mainly because your either still drunk from the night before or because you want the free goodies!!!:smile:) as some of them run events on and off campus.

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thanks for all the replies im deffinately going to visit soon!!!
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Try and come up during the week when campus is busy to get a real feel for the place. I'd say come up when it's not raining too but then you would need to wait quite a while :wink:
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I got told the same thing by my tutor before i came to lancaster, and compared to my home town in birmingham yes its small, and yes the uni is in the middle of nowhere. But its a short busride to town and theres always plenty going on on campus. If your unsure make sure you attend all the open days, they're really helpful!! xxx
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I liked Lancaster alot and I found the university to be absolutely charming. I come from a fairly small place (Durham) but I was quite concerned with house isolated it seemed and there didn't seem to be much in the town that warrented the bother of going there.
The Bailrigg campus is in the midle of nowhere. However, a bus service runs from the campus to the town, which is a help.

The thing is though, it is like a small village, which is quite isolated. To some, that's a good thing, and others a bad thing.
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The place is absolutely amazing. The campus is not in the middle of nowhere because you have the bus links between the campus and Lancaster city centre. Plus you really have everything you need on campus from food to a travel agents.

Its an amazing campus and I am so looking to coming and anybody who says its in the middle of nowhere is just silly!!

Lancaster 2006!!!!:yy:
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Lancaster, quiet? You haven't been on campus at night have you? Trust me, we are a noisy bunch. :p:

I came back to my flat last saturday from the Sugarhouse singing Spice Girls songs! :p:
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I came back to my flat last saturday from the Sugarhouse singing Spice Girls songs! :p:

I came back from the Carleton last Wednesday wearing a girl's bra and singing 'I am the one and only'
(well what do they expect when they sell Red Square all night for £1?)

:blushing: :blushing:
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i never remember coming back form the carlton :smile: . and that’s what you expect when it's such a cheesy place you have get completely wasted. and i can tell you the hockey team certainly know how to do that (and I’m not even in it!).