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Who has applied to Oxford in the third gathered field?

Who has applied to Oxford in the third gathered field? For what degree/course(s) and have you heard yet?

My sources tell me that although the official results date is the 17th of March, one can expect to hear well before then.

Oh and well done to those who applied in fields 1 and 2 and got in!

I have applied for an MPhil in Material Anthropology but see my Welcome Lounge post for more details about who I am and what I do.

(Apologies to all of you who have been members for ages and know exactly who has applied when and in what field and who’s in and out, but for the freshers…)

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I'll be applying in this field. Application should be ready in a day or two. I'm applying for a DPhil in Mathematics. :smile:
University of Oxford, Pawel-Sytniewski
University of Oxford
So if you apply this week then you only hear in May sometime?

What's supervision like for a Maths DPhil at Oxford vs. Cam?
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That is interesting.
Why are you applying to Oxford for Maths ? Alphanumeric says that you are the best of the maths undergraduates at Cambridge.

I can only assume George was on his Xth glass of Southern Comfort when he said that - it's soooooo far from the truth. (X>>1)
Is Oxford just a backup or is the DPhil in Maths at Oxford attractive to you ?

Oxford would be my second choice, but there are pretty particular reasons for me wanting to stick with Cambridge - my girlfriend has just landed a job there, so we'd like to get a place together. If that wasn't the case, then it would be very tough to choose (if I had a choice!!) between the two. There is a specific person at Oxford with whom I'd very much like to work with, Prof Chapman.

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I have applied in the third gathering field. A bit anxious and stressed lately. Do you happen to know how they (the oxford admissions) notify you of their decision? Do they email you or they send you a letter? Please help.
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and is your source reliable? if you are to hear before the 17th, do you know around when? around the 10th-15th or even before that?


waiting is definatley fun.
Honghe (and others who have applied)

This is what I know. Because of the scholarship I am on there is an agent in Oxford that deals on your behalf with graduate admissions. SHE told me that I would hopefully hear "well before" the 17th. But, that said, I know that no one who posts on the net has received an offer yet and that they are having interviews for local stundents around the 3/4/5 March. Presumably that would mean that the depts. would decide around the 10th.

I will ask a friend who applied in the 2nd gathered field if he got an email before his letter of acceptance when I see him tomorrow, but I think its only by (snail) mail.

What did you apply for btw. and college?
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Last year I got an email before my offer letter because I asked them to notify me, as I was going to be out of the UK over spring break. It's possible to hear before the 17th, I guess, but it depends on when they finish assessing all the candidates etc. and whether the course you apply for requires an interview or not...
It seems like they give out interview offers exactly on the same day every year! Last year I got it on February 14th, this year on February the 13th! :eek:
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I received an offer from the 2nd gathered field, and they did not send an e-mail. The letter was dated 10 days after the closing date of the field.
Hope that helps. Good luck!

Oxford-unconditional offer MPhil European Archaeology
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Dear all,

Thansk for your replies.

Pass the salt please, I applied to St. Antony's for MPhil in IR. I sent in my application around the 10th of Jan.

They will decide on say, around the 10th. Then probably mail the letter around the 17th.. which means I'll have to wait till April to know whether my application was successful.

Congratulations to all of you who got in.
Good Luck to all who are yet to hear.

(and wish me luck too!!)
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Here's another question: Do they require the students who are not in England/UK for interview?
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It depends on the course I guess. I know everyone in mine had a telephone interview, including Americans, an Indian and a South African...
What is the "third gathered field"?
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For grad admissions they have several deadlines to gather applications in different gathered fields. I think there are about 5 or 6. The deadline for the third gathered field was Jan 20, if I remember correctly, so if, say, a student applies now, they fall into the 4th gathered field.
Which is the best to apply in?

*Assumes first, but doesn't really know*
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Well, obviously the sooner the better. The more you wait the more likely it is that most places for the course will have been offered to candidates in previous gathered fields, although I've been told by my course director that sometimes applying in the first field is not that great of an advantage because they still haven't received many applications so they prefer to 'wait and see'...
So, news update.

I know four people who have applied in Gathered Field 3. I saw two of them for drinks last night. One hasn't heard anything (like me) for MPhil in Economics for Development. The other was rejected from BPhil Philosophy and he heard 2 weeks ago.

This could be a good thing. It maybe means that if they were going to reject you they would have done it by now.*

*Wishful thinking perhaps.

Good Luck for people having interviews.

I am so stressing that my personal statement was a transparent piece of b.s.
and that my writing was clearly cut down from longer papers and lost that bit of elegance in the doing.

Anyone else having angst? Commiseration welcome :smile:
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Now that's quite an assuring thought.

I am also going through the same PS anxiety these days. I read mine a week ago and found that it was not as elegant or smooth/free flowing. Ah well!! All we can do at this stage is just hope for the best.

Good luck to you too. (And wish me luck too!!).

Has anyone heard anything's March...
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I applied for the MPhil Political Theory but haven't heard anything since the confirmation card they sent. I'm definitely on the edge of my seat, checking the mail compulsively. It would be nice if they sent the decisions by email, just so I don't have to wait for the international mail to finally get here. It's made worse by the fact that although I've been accepted at LSE I was rejected from Cambridge so my confidence in Oxford is highly diminished!!