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Who has applied to Oxford in the third gathered field?

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i applied to balliol, but to be honest my heart isn't set on oxford or anything. i'll prob apply to UBC for entrance in sept 2007...
University of Oxford, Pawel-Sytniewski
University of Oxford
I applied to balliol as well! How funny...all we can do is wait and see...
I applied to Hertford. Why did you choose Balliol?
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I applied to Lincoln and St. Peters for reasons that made sense at the time, but which I cannot remember now for the life of me :wink:.
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i applied to balliol because they offer a scholarship to irish citizens
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I wonder what's with Canadians and Balliol. I also applied as my first choice. Second: St. Antony's.

It seems that some folks are getting email notification. Any sense of whether this has been adopted as a standard this year?
i applied there because i did a little asking around, and it's suppose to be really good. but then again, i think that all the colleges are probably pretty damn good over there.

Good luck everyone!
I still have a feeling it'll be by snail mail...but I'm not sure...that's funny re: Canadians and balliol though I based my decision on information given to me by my English friends...funny though....
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Is passthesaltplease the only person you know who got an email notification? I only ask because it seems they applied through a scholarship which may be the reason they got the notification...if, however, a lot of people have been getting notifications by email I will commence hourly checks of my inbox :smile:.
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Oh, and re: Balliol it was my first choice until the last minute because it guarantees accommodation, has international scholarships, and also a professor of mine who went to Oxford recommended it saying there was a substantial Canadian community there. I ultimately decided against it in favour of a smaller place, and also because part of the reason I am going to study in the UK is to meet some interesting non-Canadians.
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I don't know about the email notification... There's an American discussion site out there with a thread on Oxford GF3 and someone posted that they had received email notification for Material Anthropology. I'm not counting on getting an email, though.

re: Balliol: Primarily for historical and romantic reasons. Historical, because a certain individual I greatly respect went to Balliol. Romantic, because it's a beautiful college. Didn't know that it was a magnet for Canadians, though. According to its website it receives the highest number of postgrad applicants of all the colleges, so perhaps Canadians just have extra smarts!

re: St. Antony's: It's *the* international college.

All eyes on the mailbox... :smile:
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Been accepted for the other place (Cambridge) for a PhD but have heard nothing from Oxford yet. As funding deadlines are fast approaching I am just going to give them a call tomorrow morning and see what they have to say for themselves: I expect it will be "Who are you exactly?" "Oh, we sent your rejection letter weeks ago!"
To everyone that gets in congratulations and have a blast. For those that don't (most likely including me) you are still very good students and I am sure your parents think you are fantastic!
Who has applied to Oxford in the third gathered field? For what degree/course(s) and have you heard yet?

My sources tell me that although the official results date is the 17th of March, one can expect to hear well before then.

Oh and well done to those who applied in fields 1 and 2 and got in!

I have applied for an MPhil in Material Anthropology but see my Welcome Lounge post for more details about who I am and what I do.

I applied for MSt. in Modern History (American Stream) in gathering field 3, but have not heard yet.

Am in Hong Kong, so I hope they email me. I havent had a phone interview or anything, are there any other history applicants here?
I put down balliol too.

I went to Mansfield for undergrad.

Anyone heard recently?
i'm assuming no one has heard anything...
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Still nothing... *sigh*.
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same here.. still nothing.. i heard the department decisions would be out tomorrow. hopefully, they will let us know by email tomorrow.. if not, i guess its going to take 2 more weeks before we find out whether we got in.

good luck to you all.
I just got my acceptance by email!!!!


Am shaking and can't really type straight!
Good luck all you guys, start holding your breath now! You have all got me through the last few days of terrible stress...

SouthEssex - you and me are in the same department now :smile:

Congrats. Where is the Champaign emoticon when you need it? :smile:
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This is for anyone also waiting for a decision from the department of politics and international relations: I just phoned the department to find out about whether letters had been mailed yet, and I was told that they are planning to send them next Wednesday (March 22). But the individual I spoke with at the department did offer to communicate the verdict on my application if I send him an email next week.

I'm not sure if a similar strategy will be successful with other departments, but if you're also on the opposite side of the world and will collapse in a fever of anxiety without knowing the state of your application, then it may be worth making a phone call.

Good luck!!
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Thanks for that Geoff! I applied for Politics too (theory) you mind telling me who it was that you spoke to so I can make sure to speak to the same person? :smile: