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Who has applied to Oxford in the third gathered field?

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I've sent you a PM, Ziz.
University of Oxford, Pawel-Sytniewski
University of Oxford
I got notice that I didn't receive funding, but it has no mention of admissions. It just says to look for other funding...
Everyone should email or call their departments to see if they can give you the answer. That's how I got mine.

I didn't get an offer *sniff*

Good Luck to everyone else though and congratulations to those who got in :smile:
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*muchos sympathy to chellebelle*

Boo! do you have other options? i still haven't heard anything
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Sorry to hear, Chellebelle. Well -- time to look for publishers for that novel, I guess? :smile:
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Got an unconditional for DPhil today! :biggrin: Looks like I might be sticking around for a while!

Sorry to hear that Chellebelle :frown: Did you apply anywhere else?
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Hey all,

has anyone heard anything? One of my friends who applied for MSc Econ heard that he got accepted on email. I was wondering if others who have applied to other departments have recieved emails notifying them of the decison.

Please help. I am nervous, anxious, stressed and worried as I haven't heard anything.
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Decisions came out on Friday, so the letter might take a while to reach you. You should probably know by next week. Otherwise you can try and email the admissions secretary or phone them up tomorrow and see if they can let you know faster. Finger crossed and best of luck!! :smile:
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Don't sweat too much. A few of us waiting for decisions from politics and ir have not received a response either. As I mentioned above, I was told (contrary to what is posted on the website) that letters would be sent out by Wednesday. Perhaps your department is also running behind. But I would suggest phoning the graduate secretary for your department; s/he will likely be able to tell you what the verdict is, if the decision has already been made.

Good luck! Do something relaxing. I'd recommend Harry Potter -- simple fiction to make the mind float away.:smile:
Got an unconditional for DPhil today! :biggrin: Looks like I might be sticking around for a while!

Fantastic! Well done you...
Sorry to hear your news Chelle... Its hard to not sound smug, but I can imagine how you feel.
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emailed english dept, i'm in for the d phil :smile:
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Congrats youngone! :biggrin:
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Congratulations youngone! I hope the Politics department will email me with a similar result soon :smile:.
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Ditto -- well done, youngone and Kalen! You must both be thrilled and relieved. Savour the floating sensation :smile:

Still hanging tight...
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ad was received yesterday, by letter.

master degree.
I just called them. Didnt get a place, I finally know what its like to be an Oxbridge reject :rolleyes: Im going to put in late applications for LSE and KCL. Spoze I could reapply for DPhil after my masters. Good luck to those who are still waiting, hope you have better news :wink: .

People who are going for DPhils where did you get undergrad and masters degrees?

People who are applying to the History dept should be able to call and find out now - Graduate Office: +44 1865 224430 (tel)
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Aw, that sucks. But yeah, you've still got a shot at DPhil and Masters is just one year anyway :smile:
I did my UG at warwick and am doing my MSc here at Oxford...
Hey Chellebelle sorry to hear you got bad news too.

Thanks kalen.

Anybody else, particularly historians done a Masters somewhere else and reapplied to Oxbridge for a DPhil successfully?
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Sorry to hear the news, pendragon. Don't know anyone who's done history, but a friend of mine did his M.Sc. at LSE (Industrial Relations) and went on to D.Phil in IR at Oxford.

Regardless, I'm sure you must have lots of options available to you if Oxford was even in the cards. :smile: