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Why didn't Gareth Bale choose to play for England?

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Now that their coach died, Wales are pretty unlikely to qualify for any major tournaments.
he bottled it

How did he 'bottle it' OP?

He chose to play for Wales.
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Because he's not English.
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Giggs could never have played for England.

Giggs is Welsh.
Original post by Barden
its only channel islanders, naturalised immigrants and manx who are allowed to choose which UK constituent they represent without restriction

There is also a loophole in which British people born abroad are eligible to play for any of the four UK nations. This is how Maik Taylor, born in Germany to a German mother and English father, plays for Northern Ireland despite previously having no ties to it whatsoever.

Not that this applies to Gareth Bale of course, but it's an interesting one.
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Would you play for Wales if they had a better team, yet you were English?

No? Thought so.

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