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Spoons breakfasts no questions asked. Every spoons I've been in has been consitently good, toby wasn't brilliant, and the breakfast was smaller.

Plus I don't think toby serves beer before a certain time, nothing like a breakfast and a pint at spoons.
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Haha, I've got Uni in the afternoon so I'm gonna lay off the drink.
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No rule against being drunk in lectures, infact, I quite like doing it.

Plus we're talking about having a couple of drinks at breakfast, hair of the dog, not a huge deal.
I've never had Toby Carvery, but Wetherspoons breakfast = :coma:
I think the only plus for a Toby Carvery (I've not had one but I've seen the signs outside) is that it's all you can eat for about a fiver. If you're going out the night before I don't think you're going to be too bothered about taste but be wanting a hell of a lot of fatty foods
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Ohhh yess, the more fat the better. What with a kebab and a lot of beer the day before, may eat 6000 calories in about 18 hours :biggrin:
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Original post by The_Lonely_Goatherd
I've never had Toby Carvery, but Wetherspoons breakfast = :coma:

Does :coma: mean their ****e then? :tongue:
Original post by ChapelTom
Does :coma: mean their ****e then? :tongue:

No, it means they're :awesome: :biggrin: :colone: :sexface: :yep:

The one I put earlier is a "coma" face :yep:
I've never had a Toby Carvery one, but the Wetherspoons versions are always nice.

I always have to make ridiculous numbers of changes to them though (no beans, extra hash browns etc.)
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No beans? What the hell.

Saying that I did once order a spoons breakfast with 4 extra black puddings and extra fried tomato.
Then had a steak about an hour later, I was hung over to **** though.
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I don't usually eat hungover, but I have a feeling that before Uni I'll force it down me! Considering the fact my sister's boyfriend has given me a cold, I'm just hoping I'm up to drinking a shed-load...
Channel 5 has made a documentary to answer this burning question.
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