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Poem about Leaving School

Hey Guys,
I just found this poem that I wrote in September and I had forgotten about. It's about leaving home and going to uni. Comments please!


Everything the same
As always
And forever
The same faces, the same places, the same conversations
For seven years now, we have all been here, and it has all been
The same.

There have been
High points
And lows.
Giggling helplessly until our cheeks hurt, until our sides ache,
Crying into my pillow in the night, mascara staining my skin -
The same.

And now we’re almost
To leave.
Straining at these chords that are grounding us, so loved and familiar
And yet so well worn that they are chafing and burning the skin -
The same.

I love it here
And yet I
Hate it.
Scene of my childhood, the faces of my past, so well fitting
And yet cruelty has been done here, it makes me want to
Fling myself free.

So with trepidation
It is time
To go.
And I don’t know yet whether these tears in my eyes are
Full of sadness or joy. At least I know with certainty that it wont be
The same
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Hey, I liked that.:smile: It flowed really well and even though I haven't been off to Uni yet, it kind of defines a transition that I've just experienced in my life. But enough about me.:rolleyes: :p: I really liked how the constantness of things being the same and familiar was there to start off with but then changed at the end. Some poets or writers start off with the themes that they have chosen but not all follow them through; some loose them along the way. But you didn't thus this fortifys your work. Do you normally write about real events in life in poetry? Have you written any other poetry?^o) Just wondering as I'm a poet: write poetry in my freetime.
Hey Elements,
Yeah I usually write about real life things or at least events inspired by things in real life. A while ago I posted a poem called Flowers by the Railway (you might be able to find it if you search) which was inspired by the deaths of 3 teenagers on the railway line which runs through my town (in seperate occasions). It seemed as though for weeks there was nothing but flowers at the stations. I also write a lot of stories which I keep on my laptop and which I would hope to publish one day.
Thank you so much for the critique - thats helpful. I know what you mean about sometimes a theme kind of stopping in the middle.
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"Golden Bennet I've dropped my pen,
Someone's farted, smells like Ben"

Love the poem Becky!

Not sure about the leaving school poem- bit soppy and cliched!