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Police Officer shot in Lenton Boulevard

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dont be so silly..someone was shot in manchester last week..thats not all over the news, its just to stereotype nottingham and make it look like one of the worst cities...its pathetic now. it happens everywhere..its just not mentioned so much.
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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I'm not so bothered about the fact that there was a shooting in Lenton, i'm more bothered that an attempted robbery was taking place with a weapon. We all know burglaries happen in Lenton, but it's more worrying that this was happening with someone in the house and that the guy had a gun whilst doing it. xx

Spoke to Detective Constable today when he came to pick up some CCTV footage from our pub, and so far there is actually nothing to directly connect the robbery with the shooting, despite what may have been said in the media. It seems that, as usual, the media are assuming 2+2=whatever sells papers.

p.s. Desi, get a grip on reality. Speak to people who are actually at Nottingham before making a decision that could affect your future job prospects. If you feel the same way after that, then fine.
It shouldnt really effect your uni choices unless you want to go to uni in the middle of nowhere miles away from any urban crime....

its not like it was a student on campus who was shot.

It was a horrible thing to happen, that im not denying, but unfortunately it wasnt an exceptional event in todays world...
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i guess ur right
Trust me you wont get shot! Its only if u wonder streets at night and mix with wrong crowds etc then u'll get shot lol
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The PC has gone back into surgery now.

It's so sad.:frown:
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i hope they catch the #$*&! who did this to her... :s
T. Hereford

the main student area of Nottingham :eek: :eek: :eek:
I live a few literally about 30 seconds from where it happened.:eek: :eek: :eek:
It makes me think that I could be next. :eek: :eek: :eek:

Dont worry, the media beat up anything that happens in Notts.
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Dont worry, the media beat up anything that happens in Notts.

Wow, there really wasn't any point in resurrecting such an old thread lol.
Gun crime is high in Nottingham compared with other places in the UK. A safe American city is likely to have higher gun crime than Notts, somehow i dont think ill be investing in bullet proof armour.
Ermm actualyl in 2005 nottm fell way below some cities for violent crime.

Loads of info on there. In fact, London as a whole seems worse than Nottingham!
London has alwys been the worst, by miles.
Yeah, so what's the hype about Nottingham?! Agh!
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That's the point Reg. It's media bandwagon hype.

Not saying Nottingham is perfect...far from it...but it's not as bad as it's portayed.
Its just when you see that Chief Constable all the time and its always because of something really really bad. Media hype.
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I'm presuming Nottingham is regularly touted as the crime capital of the UK on a per capita basis? Otherwise it's a no brainer that London experiences more crime, its huge!
nottingham the gun capitol??! What about my home city Gunchester