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What is the role of dehydrogenases in aerobic respiration?

What is the role of dehydrogenases in aerobic respiration? I know they release hydrogen atoms from componds in respiration. What else do they do?:smile:

Also what is the role of natural hydrogen acceptors after they have been reduced? All I can think of is that the hydrogens get transferred to the electron transport chain, to make ATP.
dehydrogenases are enzymes which catalyse the removal of the hydrogen atoms from reduced NAD in the electron transport chain. This allows redoc reactions to take place within the ETC. because once the enzyme removes the hydrogens from reduced NAD (forgotten the name of the enzyme exactly)_ the hydrogens are taken up by other hydrogen carriers hence a redox reaction has occured. There no other function we are requred to know for dehydrogenases in respiration (although i could be wrong). When the "natural" hydrogen acceptors get reduced their main role is to carry the hydrogens into the ETC again there is no other real role we have to know for reduced hydrogen carriers. However you need to know how they operate in anaerobic conditions. Remember in glycolysis only glycolysis operates andy Reduced NAD's produced here cause the reduction of pyruvate to lactate in muscle cells regenerating NAD +. In yeast Reduced NAD reduces Acetaldehyde to ethanol. hope this helps
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thanks iceman_jondoe for ur help :smile: