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anyone from or living nr that area?

i've been offered an IT placement interview at the royal garden hotel, just wondering what the area is like

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Really nice. Hyde Park just next door, and Kensington High Street for all your shopping needs.
I live in Bloomsbury if you count that as near.
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erm... it might be i dunno
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I live in Bloomsbury if you count that as near.

most people i know who live around Kensington wouldn't.

As an area its really nice, quite upmarket. If your looking for places to stay whilst doing a placement at the Royal Garden Hotel then areas to look would be Earls Court, Olympia/West Ken, Notting hill sort of areas as they are cheaper than Kensington itself and have bus routes to High Street Ken.
I live in Bloomsbury if you count that as near.

LOL Bloomsbury is about 2 miles from Kensington - at least!

I used to work on Kensington High Street. Nice place, mostly nice people (nicer than the shitheads you get in the rest of London anyway).
theres LOADS of french people, and french shops and french ****ing schools
Ah well. Distances seem a lot nearer for me because of public transport that I didn't have as much before I lived in London. :smile:
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ah i ****ing hate the french to be honest, the french soc came into the bar where i work the other, and proved why i hate them so.. alll so arrogant!
One of my lecturers is French (and lived in the USA too) and he's arrogant. Shame I haven't seen him recently. Could mention about a rugby score. :rolleyes:
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theres quite a few italians too.
Kensington is a well nice area though - one of the (if not, the) most expensive places to live in the UK.
Belgravia is the most expensive place to live in the UK. :smile:
I live in Earl's Court and I love it
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I live in Earl's Court and I love it

Why do u love it? lol
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wow a responded to a post back from 2006 and then you reply as well, sweet. Yeah I can understand what you are pointing at. You still live there? Iv been living here since the past two years. Nice homely feeling to the place now....
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Lol yeah that is so right. Which street did you live on? Whatsup anyways?
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oh wow, well im in abingdon road - i normally go past brunswick on my way to bayswater. its a pretty cool place.....
sounds like a plan to are the exams treating u then?
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well keep hoping. it'll turn out to be good im sure :wink:
yeh ill do that
so when are you getting free?
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i meant when do u get done with exams?
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oh wow - another 3 weeks and then its fun for me too altho ill be hanging around in london later - might go somewhere later but nothing planned at the moment
where did u move to from kensington?