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Where to live?

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    Where are the best places to live?..lively and affordable/ most popular! any help will be appreciated!!

    Are you talking halls or second / subsequent year accommodation?
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    (Original post by Origami Bullets)
    Are you talking halls or second / subsequent year accommodation?
    Halls, been looking at Marketgate is it any good there?

    Go with halls, you'll encounter the Standard acom, vs en-suite but go with standard.
    I'm So glad i chose standard accommodation. Save about 20 quid a week (which is basically my weekly food shop + more)
    The toilets were never both occupied since we got a sink in our rooms, so no time wasted doing hair / make up / brushing teeth /washing faces. As that was all done in our rooms.
    My rooms are alot bigger than those who chose en-suite accommodation, as they have to sacrifice space for their actual toilet / shower.
    The showers and toilets are cleaned EVERY week day. AND we don't pay for toilet paper.
    It's actually so much better. This is similar to the halls i moved into:

    Also it's better than housing because you have more privacy, don't have to pay bills and internet. !!! (closer to the uni if it's on campus too!
    Win win win win win

    Kind of recommend Drake/Nelson house, right in the city centre, close to everything, probably the cheapest one around. Absolutley immense for meeting people and parties etc, nights out are class aswell, you can drink till like 1 and then go out, saves taxis aswell. Only downside is probably distance from uni, especially frechay, unless you do what we done, and barely go. Which i don't recommend. It's like either a 40 minute bus ride, or a 20 minute bus ride, depending on whether you can be bothered to walk up a steepish hill.
    Also, if you damage anything in your flat/communal areas, the charges are an absolute joke. We have a football, there are like dints in the wall, a fee of like £100 was mentioned. Other than them though, Unbelievable. Wouldn't change it.

    I have just written up a mini review thing of city based properties for Bower Ashton but it is practically just city center properties, most of these properties are around 40-60mins from Frenchay.

    Right here's my run down of city based properties, private and UWE:

    Marketgate- I have lived here for a year now, it is the best city center accomodation provided by UWE. Don't be put off by stuff online most of it are people who think they have the god given right to get money back if they break something or a lightbulb goes out ¬_¬. EXTREMELY central, you literally cross the ring road and you're in Cabot Circus. Some mix of students but mainly bower/art people. Ensuite as well which is always nice

    Favell/Waverly- Very similar properties both right next to each other probably about 30ft between the entrances. I'm not to familiar with waverly but told it's identical to Favell so shoved them together. 2 Bathrooms per 6 people. Double beds some rooms are double the size of marketgate (luck of the draw). kitchen's can be quite small though. Has a wider mix of people from my experience with quite a few from frenchay. The buildings are in worse quality than Marketgate. Pretty central with cabot being 10mins away and park street about 10mins away as well. Again I think it has a bus pass not 100%, sometimes the buses ignore the stop though because they're dicks.

    Transom House- Bit of a dump, wouldn't reccomend at all. Have good friends there so have been there many a time. When the moved in the table literally fell apart, there was a hole in the wall which we have decided must have been someone's head. Shared bathrooms again, don't think bus pass is included.Had drug problems there this year and several robberies. Can't remember if this is a UWE property or not, don't think so though.

    Pheonix Court-This is a non UWE Unite managed property that is literally on the side of Marketgate.It is very similar to marketgate but slightly more modern and better planned. However it is more expensive and you would have to buy a us pass which is like £300 for the year I think. It's ensuite again, room size is the same as Marketgate. People wise it has not just UWE but also UoB students. I found it has a larger number of international students than marketgate (probably due to the price).

    Nelson/Drake Houses- I have very little/ no experience of these halls, sorry.

    If I think of any more halls I will edit them in. If anyone is also interested I can provide more comprehensive images of marketgate than those online but you would have to wait until monday when I'm back in Bristol and have hovered.

    Party wise Favell and Waverly are more the party house and has a withstanding reputation of drug related stuff. Marketgate is pretty mellow most of the time not much crazy out of hand stuff happens. Transom is the most boring place ever, nothing happens it's too small. Pheonix doesn't party that much neither does hotwells house.

    Of course stuff like robberies/parties/drug abuse changes year to year based on the occupants of that year. This is my opinion I may well be horrifically wrong for your year, but it's alot better advice than I recieved :P
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