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Photos of rooms in talybont south

Has anyone got any photos of there rooms in talybont south? Just wanted to see what they are like really.
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I've got some pics of my room from the first year - House 23 Talybont South. They're all identical but bear in mind I had a lot of junk everywhere...
Studying at Cardiff University
Cardiff University
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Your room looks much tidier than mine ever is!
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How much is the accomodation for Talybont South work out per week?
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I think it's about £60 a week, but that's only an approximation based on roughly a 39 week contract (which is what I think it is) and the 05/06 rents up on the website. That's more than the average student house in Cardiff which is around £200-£220 a month, but you get your bills paid, don't have to pay half rent over the summer, etc so it balances out really. Talybont Court is more like £80 a week! It's not that much shinier!