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Philips 170c factory reset?

Hey all,
my gf has a Philips 170c tft monitor with a bit of a problem. Basically, her friend was trying to switch it on but ran her fingers up and down all the buttons, pressing them all as a joke (:rolleyes: ) and now the monitor is in japanese, and will only display a white box with some japanese characters and the letters "OSD" (On Screen Display). The menu does not seem to come up anymore when the menu button is pressed.

Does anyone know how to do a factory reset on it? Thanks.
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Simply press the OK button, then select 'Reset' to recall all of the original factory settings.

try that :smile:
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There is no reset button :frown: Just "Auto" and "ok". Tried pressing both of those :frown:
Press OK, scroll to reset and then press OK again? Look up the japanese for 'Reset' or find a Japanese person to help... :smile: