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Arranged Marriages

After having read the religion and relationships thread that someone set up on here, it got me thinking a bit. In general what are people's views on it? For instance, whilst my parents had one, I would never give in to what I see as entering a relationship without feeling any sort of initial attraction to the person...
Although this doesn't apply to me personally do people feel that despite their views, they'll end up being forced into one anyway?
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heyy..yeaa...i think arranged marraiges are becoming less and less popular, even in the east, its all modern find your own man kind of thing. My parents are always talking about me getting married, but i don't think they would force me to marry someone who i did not like!! A couple of years ago, i went to my cousin's wedding in Pakistan, and yeah the bride and groom did not actually ever meet till the wedding day which i thought was reallly bizarre, two years down the line there as happy as ever..expectin their second baby!! So it works both ways, but i definitely do not want an arranged marraige thats for sure
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but you have your way of lifem your contry and their culture mades your head.

if you was born in Saudi Arabia, for exemple, u will problably not thinking like that...
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Jeeeez..............I had an arranged cut a very long story short......I was backed into a very awkward corner by my dad and had to chose a bloke to marry. I met him on our wedding night! Had an arguement the second day. Got him over here.............had a pregnant a second time by accident..........he didnt want the baby..............I I found out that he was already married I kicked him out of my house! Three years after being a single parent to 2 gorgeous boys.....I met the man of my dreams......a friend introduced us......and 4 months later he proposed.....we got married......and this year we'll have been married for 5 years........still happy (just happy he can speak english properly!!!), and now, after incouraging me to go to uni......I AM (at the ripe 'old' age of 31)!:biggrin:

Absolutely no regrets.............I believe everything happens for a reason.:rolleyes:

I think nowadays it is much more common for girls and boys to be introduced to one another, maybe go out, but if not, they get their parents involved, and then get married with their blessing. Kind of a semi-arranged marriage. At least that way........if anything goes can't blame the parents!!!!:redface:

You can put me down for being against an all and all out arranged marriage! Don't recommend it!:nn:
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Ill probably get an introduced marriage whereby i get to meet the guy and get to go out with him for about a year. if i like him - great, if not - no pressure! This is what all my cousins have had so im pretty OK with it, as its worked out for them!
Least it saves the hassle of dating.