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It sounds a bit like the pain I get when I'm ovulating, but if you're not having your period then it wouldn't be that. You should go see a doctor - that's the only way to make sure it's nothing serious.
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The fact that you haven't had your period in ages is worrying..
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I agree, i would get it checked out
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Are you possibly stressed about anything at the moment? Your period can sometimes become irregular if you're worried, and the stomach ache might be anxiety based.

My periods have recently been really irregular- I didn't get one for six months at one point. I also was getting stomach aches too. It turned out the doctor diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome, which is often caused by stress. It's quite likely that while the stomach aches and missing periods weren't directly connected, they were probably both caused by stress.

I'd go see your doctor just to check everything's alright. Lots of things can cause missing periods- weight loss, an increase in exercise, stress etc. so it's quite possible that the two are unrelated. Your doctor will be able to give you a better idea though.

Good luck! :smile: