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I'm sure this one has been done a million times but basically, does it happen? I'm not going to lie I like to game every now and then and I really don't care what anyone else thinks. I still socialise, go to festivals, clubs etc but on a rainy day I don't mind having a session. Anyway will I end up gaming THAT much? If I don't it's cool, I don't mind. I was just wondering whether you actually get time to. I mean I'd be playing on my laptop (also for work) so I don't have to bring a console down.
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Sure. If someones got an xbox + tv or whatever, more lokely than not youll end up living with someone who wants to play, if you dont, easily find someone.

University can often also have gaming societies for these exact purposes. Was tempted to join one, a smaller one than the main society, but.. well.. i dont mean to stereotype, but a large majority of the people who were finding people to join were just.. nerds. To the ultimate 'we dont drink we sit around and play WoW during socials and hardly any other games' level. Which was just too extreme for me. I like me a bit of WoW. But thats just too far.

When me and all my guy housemates (2nd years, house of 6) are all bored and such, we crack out the AOE2 LAN or something similar. Makes a difference from usually playing Fifa and ****.

From my time in halls in first year, when meeting people from a large amount of the flats, youd quite often see the odd guy or girl in the living room/kitchen area playingh something on their laptop. Whether it be Sims, Starcraft 2, Age of empires, Total war games and anything like that.

The old 'anyone who plays any type of game is a nerd is rather pathetic tbh. Id quickly judge the persons personality as a **** throughout if they thought that. Luckily ive never met anyone like it. Whether people still love play Kingdom hearts or casually play Sims or enjoy hardcore WoW raiding, its all just gaming.
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Loads of people play games...a lot of people bring down their xboxes/ps3s, FIFA is pretty popular and CoD etc in halls, which are usually good fun to play.
And then there are computer game societies-though these are real hardcore gamers, steam fanatics, which is a good thing. Yet as with the post above, in my experience, there are a lot of serious nerds, in terms of difficult to even talk to/people who don't really go out. I know it sounds harsh ha, but I have no other way of putting it. They're fun to go to, but not really that sociable if that makes sense?

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