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    I've got an offer for physics at the University of Liverpool, and I've been on all the available visits and its down as my first choice. I'm just stuck on deciding whether it out be worth going catered rather than self-catered. So if any current students would like to advise me it would be greatly appreciated

    Hey there hope i'm not too late to help! I'm currently a 1st year at the UoL and am in Carnatic Halls, catered. All I can say is - best decision i ever made! 2 meals a day; the breakfast is the only thing that gets me up for 9a.m lectures after a night on the town, full fry up or continental with a wide range of fruit, hot and cold fresh drinks. The dinner isn't amazing, it's average, but you can always get 3 courses with as much food as you could want, and the desert section is out of this world, as well as there being about 6 different main meal choices each day. Would reccommend it till i'm blue in the face! Hope this helped
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Updated: March 6, 2012
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