PMS/PMT problems

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    I know a lot of girls get grumpy around their 'time' but ever since I started my period, a couple of days before I feel very very low and it has got me into arguments and various problems as I become irritable and emotional to the extreme! As soon as I snap out of it I just feel so humiliated if I've snapped at someone or cried about something stupid and it is totally unlike me! I know many people get a little irritated but my PMS seems to be at a whole new level to most people and some of my family just make jokes about it but I don't want to be this horrible crying person a couple of days before every period!

    As you've acknowledged, this is really normal for a lot of girls and women, even though obviously that doesn't make it any less upsetting for you. Light exercise can help psychological symptoms as well as cramps, some people find that altering their diet can help (reducing carbohydrates in particular, not sure how true this is but it's worth a go). I tried taking agnus castus during early-mid teens for the same thing, it's a herbal supplement that you take once a day (it's also meant to regulate periods too for some people), so that may help - you can get it from health food stores. The contraceptive pill has also helped people with PMS symptoms too.

    Best thing to do would be to go to your GP if it continues and see what they think. It will be the type of thing they see every day so no need to worry or feel embarrassed about it.

    Hope this helps

    Go see your GP. Just try to relax, and be positive.

    I'm sorry you're having period-related emotional issues.
    You're right though, it is indeed common. I turn into a bear with a sore head for 2-3 days before my period starts. I literally want to divorce my husband once a month without fail. He knows with deadly accurately that I'm due on when I start snapping.
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    Thanks everyone! Glad its not just me who gets their claws out, I think I will talk to my GP next time. Problem is when I get it it doesn't seem to register with me that it is only PMS - I just seem to feel almost depressed. I mentioned going on the pill to my mum but she said that I should try other ways - the agnus castus sounds great!
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Updated: February 24, 2012
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