Complaining about the NHS - is it often successful?

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    Have submitted a complaint regarding treatment of my mum by a hospitaln earlier today - we wont go into huge details but she was discharged when she was clearly very ill, left to cross a very busy (traffic light free) road when she was only semi conscious. Got her home safely eventually however I'm appalled that a hospital could allow someone to do that and so have made a formal complaint to the local NHS trust.. Sent them a three page letter by email detailing exactly what happened and what I want done about it.. A lot of people online are saying not to bother as NHS complaints are never successful but I just feel that anything could have happened to my mum, and I want to make sure that they're prevented from making similar mistakes again.. What's everyone's experience of complaining though? Does it tend to make a difference, what do they do after you've submitted the complaint? Kind of worried that they'll treat my mum worse if they know I've kicked up a fuss, hopefully not. Any advice appreciated xx

    Your mum shouldn't be treated differently. My parents are in the middle of submitting a complaint and I need to get my arse into gear and make a complaint too. (which my consultant is aware of and isn't happy about the way I have been treated)

    You have every right to complain if you feel you were treated poorly.

    They should respond to your letter answering the issues you have raised. To do this they will review the case and assess whether they feel any part of the management was substandard.

    Your mother should absolutely not be treated any differently as a result of this.

    (Original post by daisydaffodil)
    Any advice appreciated xx
    In addition to what everyone else as advised, the website allows patients/carers to give feedback on NHS services. I've left feedback a few times and each service has responded to me. If they don't get back to you personally it may be worth using this.

    What do you mean by successful? They are legally bound to investigate and respond to your complaint, so hopefully the issues you described will be addressed, but there's no guarantee they'll implement all of your requests. It is possible that they won't tell you much detail of the clinical side of things as they have a duty of confidentiality towards your mum. However, your mum shouldn't be treated any differently, and if there were genuine failings then it's important that the Trust is made aware.
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Updated: February 23, 2012
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