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Someone help me with my problem..

Might sound a bit stupid but i had no where to turn to. I have a problem with my routine, as in I cant figure out wat to do at what time and when. The main problem is my workouts. Im in A2 and i spend most of my time studying cuz i do all sciences and i find "no time" at all to do workouts and cardio sessions. I used to go to a gym before and I was fit but now my problem is that as exams are coming near i dont find time to workout.. the place i live is a town with less facilities. I go to college 7 a.m to 2 p.m .. sleep till 6.00pm, study till 9.00 then do a lazy workout which is not helping me at all. cuz by the time im over with books im so mentally tired that i jus want to be free watch tv or getout of the house...
I jus want some advice on the type of workouts i should do. Should i jus do only cardio to save time? and how about the split below


I tried following this routine but i cant do it cuz im lazy when i start doing it. Should i jus stick to the parts where i should focus more. I mean my upper part of the body is in shape still but my legs need more workingout. Should i jus stick to legs, bi/tri, chest till exams.
I know my post isisnt really making sense but all im looking for is some help and advice on how i should organize myself, between there isisnt n e gym near my house

waiting for ur replies
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that loks ok. try to take a break and exercise during the break. do it in the evenings for half and hour or so,and you only need to exercise three times a week to remain healthy
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yeah i was thinking that my routine "is" a bit too much of exercises
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Why not mix in some of the cardio for after the exercises, that way you will be more time efficient and could have a few days off per week to study.