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    Hey guys, I have taken AH Bio (hence the title) and REALLY need an A since its one of my conditions to get into uni.

    However, I'm more of a eng and modern studies person and finding it really hard to revise for Bio! Some may think its too early to start revising but I literally don't know anything and only got a C in the prelim. Can anyone give good revision tips it techniques to help me get an A? How do you revise? And how can I organise my bio study schedule in order to cover everything thoroughly in 10 weeks? I can do 8 hours of bio per week atm.

    Please help! And I know I'm capable of getting an A...but can't figure out how to get there

    Hey! I know exactly how you're feeling, i really want an A but only got a C in the prelim
    I find the bright red revision book really useful its easy to read and understand and covers most of the main points. Also, past papers are a must!! Do as many as you can, maybe one a week and even if you've done them all go back and repeat them and see if you do any better. After all a lot of the questions are repeated e very year. I find that doing essays helps a lot too, they are out of 15 so to get an A you have to do really well in them. Get your teacher to give you a you question or make up your own based on a subtopic and write as much as you can about it. I find that doing essays is the best way to study because it tests your knowledge and helps with other questions too and if your short of time you dont need to do a full past paper .
    Also remember that you have to do a good investigation (although dont spend too much time on it) and you may also want to spend some time looking at data questions.
    I know its an awful lot but it will be worth it in the end!
    What is it that you're hoping to study when you leave school?
    Anyways good luck!

    Hi i got a B in the prelim but i also want an A i'm sure i can get it the best way i find to study is past papers i basically do a paper a week but i'm mostly focusing on what sections i'm at my worst for me its the multichoice and the essays (for these i bullet point these since 1. its quicker and 2. its easier to remember in the exam where i can expand on the points ^_^. Also by having a structure in my essays seems to help a bunch)
    Do you have scholar that helps me alot since for alot of the topics its pretty good and learning out comes help if you can get your hands on them.(they cover the basics)
    What does work is taking a past paper and work through it were you lose marks take those areas and make a plan for the week on those areas if you can draw diagrams do so cause you remember them or make up little rhymes (i do these alot and the funnier you get them the better you remember them).
    I like to make colourful posters from my notes since i'm drawn to colour and i stick them to my wall its just the way i learn but i hope this helps abit it may seem abit childish though but it works for me anyways
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