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    im resitting this coursework coz i cudnt be bothered with it the first time and now im doin the A level one as well. im tellin u now, dont continue on to A level unless u r seriously commited and love chem to death! u will end up in an asylum by the end of it otherwise, u think its hard now, u juz wait!
    good luck with all ur exams every1 x

    Hmm, i took chem at college and really enjoyed the foundation module, ever since starting chains & rings, and how far, how fast? I've been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you have to remember, my other subjects, maths, physics and computing are vastly different, chemistry is just horrible when you have a memory like a fish. Your description of A2 added to fact i'll be resitting this years modules hasn't really encouraged me to continue. lol

    u are so right about chem, it's pulled my brain, around, inside out and upside down all at the same time, my other subjects bio, pysics and maths, are all alot easier then chemistry, i find!!!
    i've got my bio plan got to be in next week, my physics plan in next week, and then there's chemistry! i think i'll be happy with a C!!!!!!

    i'll be happy with a C as well. if only i'd listend at AS level though, chemistry is one of those subjects where you really need to understand the basics or else you get left behind. still, dnt give up, it just makes things worse. I dont think i will ever be rid of chemistry seeing as im going on to study forensics at uni. but im determined to understand it!one day...

    There is just too much in chemistry sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh infoooooooooooooooo. It all relates to each other and is fun if u remember it all and can link it all together.

    argh! i'm in my second year of A level chem and its evil i tell you, EVIL!! i don't have a prob with my other subjects, but it doesn't matter how much revision you do.. there's just too much to remember.. it's less about the understanding i find... which i don't really enjoy.. just lots of memorizing meaningless formulas and definitions etc etc.. oh the fun.. and a chem prac tomorrow which i will most definitely fail!

    i suggest that you only do chem if it's essential for your uni course.. otherwise... why bother? (i realise this now... dammit!)

    I am hoping to do chemical engineering at university, doing AS chem at mo and I already think there is LOADSS to remember lol !

    But I like chem anyway

    doing A level at the mo it is organic i cant get. the calculations which i found hard at gcse are now soo easy even the hard ones ( im bad at maths scraped a B at GCSE) chem just needs you to remember soo much especially organic and i rely on understaing thisgs to make them logical to be able to remember them so i am screwed really! also retaking foundation and another exam ontop of the synoptic this summer ahh! CANT COPE !!!! bio is quite self evident and geog is also self evident except for the EU section! cant stand human geog! chem is the worst subject right now- easily the most work!

    Chemistry is essentially the 'easiest science subject' providing you define easiest as the least hardest to think about, and the most possible to pass. Providing you know a large amount of information on the topic, you can't get asked ANYTHING that you won't be able to answer!

    Live, eat, sleep chemistry, and you'll get an A!
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