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international student with no GCSE's/A-levels

I'm a Canadian student at a Canadian University right now, but I'm not very happy here. I don't really want to stay in Canada and continue on at uni here. At first, I thought that after I was done taking all the first and second year pre-requisite courses I'd transfer into McGill university in Montreal. Then I was told that it would take me an extra year or two anyway to complete the double major I'd like to do there. I'd really like to go to university in the UK though, but I don't have GCSE's and A-levels since we have a different system here. Eventually I'd really want to to get into Oxford, but would all this work be worth it? To actually go over there and study for three years (?)? The thing is, I'm 20 years old and will be 21 by the end of this year. Supposing I finish in 3 years, I'll be 22-23 by then! I really don't know what to do. I don't want to continue on here, but putting so much time and money in to doing something like going over to the UK where I know practically nobody and "starting over" is very risky... but has anyone done this before? I mean, going to the UK at 20/21 to take GCSE's & A-levels?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section!!
Email/call oxford and ask them what their entry requirements are for canadian students. They must be around what you'd need for ivies in the states. Im quite sure they wont accept transfers so you'd have to apply from the beginning but presumably you have the Canadian school-leaving qualification right? Itd be pointless to do A levels as they arent the "oxford" exams, just the English school-leavers exams. Contact the uni and explain your situation, however, oxford is not an easy place to get a spot at so if you only want to apply to the u.k. pick some more schools.
Hi, I'm 100% sure that Oxford knows the Canadian system pretty well, so you won't need to do either GCSE's or A-levels if you can prove to them that you are proficient in English (basically that you speak English fluently). They'll decide to give an interview/offer according to the grades you got at the end of your final year. Canada has some really good unis like Toronto and McGill (as you mentioned) but if you really don't want to stay in Canada I suggest you check out american universities and THEN look at British unis. I'm an international student too (I live in switzerland) and I'll be going to uni in England soon but I'm 18 though. As long as your parents can afford it, I don't see where's the problem. IF you get an offer from Oxford (which would be unconditional I suppose since you've done all your exams) I suggest that you go for it, Oxford is good stuff :smile: and it will boost your employement prospects if you have that on your CV. Good Luck!
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There's hundreds of foreign students here; the university must be very much aware of teaching/assessment procedures in almost all other countries. I know Canadian people here who are the "right" sort of age for the stage of study that they're at, so they obviously haven't been held up by the need for British qualifications.
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The problem is, I'm really worried about my school-leaving exam grades. My only ambition back then was to get into the local University that almost everyone from my school was going to attend. I did well enough to be accepted into their Arts Faculty but I am REALLY doubtful that these exam grades can get into a top-tier school such as Oxford. Although now that I realize Oxford accepts SAT's and IB's, maybe I can go back and sit for these. Another problem is, my school-leaving grades were not "top 2% nationwide"!! So even if I do very well in my SAT's or IB's, are my chances basically nil because my school leaving grades weren't that high?

Anyway, I'll definitely e-mail them about my situation. Thanks so much everyone!
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People change- whilst your school leaving grades might have an impact, I think what you've done since then, ie. your grades whilst at uni, might be more important.
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all good u's require 85% or 90%( eq to like 65%-70 in the UK) in provinical exam like the ontario one.
Oxford has the exact requirement on their website.No A-levels required.
Where are you now,Quebec or ontario?