Student Finance are giving me LESS for my 3rd year?!

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    Firstly, I apologise if there's already been a load of people complaining about student finance decreasing loans for this coming academic year, but if anyone can be of help, I'd really appreciate it.

    I'm currently a second year at Bucks new uni in High Wycombe, and recently got my confirmation forms from Student Finance for next year, which is what I understand to be the minimum loan of £3300, because my parents income is above the threshold.

    The above figure is around £300 LESS than I've received the past two years, despite the fact my CURRENT loan isn't even enough to cover rent and bills at the moment! (they come in at around £375 a month). To make matters worse, most of the letting agents in Wycombe intend to put prices UP over the summer, a lot of houses going from being around £300 per person per month, to closer to £350?!

    Now I understand the system.. Student finances assume that because my parents income is over the maximum threshold (and it's barely over), that they can afford to cover my ass for bills, food and other general living costs, But they CAN'T. They already give me around £100 per month, but once bills have been paid I've barely enough to feed myself. As for working, My course is pretty full on, and what freelance work i DO get, takes up a lot of time for little financial gain.

    So can somebody give me a suggestion as to what I do? Can I appeal to student finance to get more? Is there any way I can change my details online to raise the amount they will give me?


    I think you always get less in the final year unfortunately...

    Something to do with the fact that you get a small amount of money to cover the summer until the next loan comes in in first and second years, but in your final year, courses finish in June/July and the finance stops there.

    Thats what I've been told at least, I certainly got less funding in my final year and I'm pretty much in same situation as you, with a parental income JUST over the threshold!

    The above poster is correct; funding in the final year is less as you are not a continuing student over the Summer - you stop being a student when your course finishes in May/June/July.
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Updated: February 29, 2012
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