TA pay and training questions?

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    So after a long consideration of joining the TA whilst doing my degree, and hoping to join as an officer, I have a few more questions for those in the know before I head into the careers office for the second time to ask a few more specific questions...

    Firstly, the pay rates (I dont want to ask this at the careers office, as I dont want to be "that guy", although I do need to know this as I will have to give up my weekend job that I have at the moment) quoted for an Officer Cadet are £39.90, and a Second Lieutenant is £62.07. Now from what I have heard, in the TA I would go on a training op every other week, and also give a week night up.
    ^Those rates of pay are obviously per full day, so I am curious as to how much you get paid for that week night?

    Also, with regards to the training, as far as the information I have been given, I can do the training across weekend, but then will be required to attend a 10 day course at sandhurst? (is this correct ~ thats the only straight "stint" of days?)


    a week night is 1/4 of a days pay. But don't rely on getting it straight away, it can take months for the admin side of it to kick in and you start finally getting paid.

    dunno about the officer side of life, officer roles are more admin and paper work than playing in the mud, personally unless you aspire to join the regulars, even if you do, you might get more out of being a tom. Obviously go with what you want, but just keep being ranker in the back of your head, personally the great thing about the reserves is the ability to escape the usual grind by sitting in a muddy hole on dartmoor and getting soaked, officers still do this ... but then when they get back they have to go through paper work and get random mid week calls off of the SQMS because someone left a tent peg behind and now the officers getting billed for it because he signed for it.

    sorry I'm rambling..

    There may be some some week stints training wise, with a 2 week camp once a year.

    You can get paid a full days pay - for a day of 8 hours or more- a half days pay for between four and eight hours, and a quarter days pay - normally for a weekday evening training.

    You need to go and talk through with the unit you are looking to join what the basic training requirments are if you join as a soldier and if you join as a potential officer- and what the various routes are to become an officer.

    The final module of the TA commisioning coourse is a 3 week course at Sandhurst. However there are several courses to do before you get to Sandhurst. The time commitment to complete TA officer training is quite significant.
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Updated: March 11, 2012
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