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    I'm currently studying Game Development at college and am in the stage now of looking for universities. Apparently Brunel is pretty good for it, and this is the kind of course i want to pursue, having writing with it as well, it's pretty rare to find.

    Does anyone on here currently study/ know someone who studies this, and if so what is your opinion on it?

    I'd really appreciate a students personal opinion, thanks in advance.

    - Becky

    Hi Xeema,

    I am a research student at Brunel University and, having completed their MA in Digital Games Theory & Design last year, felt that I could chime in.

    I don't think that you would be disappointed with the course. It certainly is not a "mickey mouse" course and is well-respected by a number of people in the UK games industry. The teaching team is approachable, they have very good connections with industry, and are generally excellent. I must emphasise, however, that it is a "design" course and not a "development" course. This means that the practical side is a little lacking, focusing on how to develop ideas using small experimental prototypes (they call them "ludic sketches") and how to communicate these ideas effectively. It is an arts department rather than a technology department, after-all.

    Where is your passion? Do you want to be a writer or a game designer? A course is only good if it helps to satisfy the goals of the participating individuals. If you have not already, I recommend, that you familiarise yourself with the advice provided by Tom Sloper. He has many lessons for aspiring game developers and will respond to questions on a number of websites.

    With Regards,

    Hi Xeema,

    While I do not agree that it was a form of "advertising" in the sense listed in forum rules, I have been given a warning from the administrators that providing links to professional websites about the games industry, how to break into it and how to plan a successful career in games is against the rules.

    This is disappointing as I felt they the websites were relevant to your query about choosing a university course. In particular, I wanted to highlight that "game courses" are not the only route in, especially if you are interested in writing.

    In the interest of keeping the peace with the administrators, if you would like to further guidance, please send me a private message.

    With Regards,
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