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    Anyone interested in horses and horseriding at Lancaster?

    I'm on the team in the Lancaster University Equestrian club, riding every week, and it's great. We compete in dressage and showjumping against other universities.
    There are regular lessons too for people who are not on the team, all abilities, and polocrosse sessions (it's like a mix between Lacrosse and Polo)!

    Fancy having a go at horseriding?? Even if you've never been near a horse before, or if you're an experienced horseperson, come and ride with us! I promise you'll have a good time (we do great socials too, with as much or as little alcohol as you want....)!

    And it's not just for girls, we very much welcome guys too (you'd get to know a lot of nice girls ). One of our Intermediate riders, Jack, drives the minibus to lessons, so there's (almost) always at least one guy there!

    Check us out at, find our facebook group or email us at lu.equestrianclub(a) (we're really nice!)

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    I'll be working at Lancaster Uni from tomorrow and reeeeally interested in the Equestrian team! I used to ride daily and worked at a stable yard but I don't currently own a horse though Do members have to own their own horse to be involved??

    Also is it possible that any current members that do own a horse are interested in loaning it out for possibly a day or 2 a week?


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Updated: March 11, 2012
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